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Last month, we gave you an extensive blog post about jeans-making and it was quite a hit. This month, we're going to continue offering helpful links for our Kimono/Robe Boxes because we want you to be able to make the most out of your sewing kit!

Truth upfront: robe-making is not nearly as technical as jeans-making. Phew, right! After hours spent top-stitching and flat-felling, it's nice to have a little bit of a sewing breather. Robe-making is pretty straight-forward, and, I don't know about you, but I'm pretty thankful for that. 

We do have some helpful tips for you though. And that starts with two full tutorials, one for the Kochi Kimono from Papercut Patterns and one for the Suki Kimono from Helen's Closet. Both are super helpful and extensive. Plus, Helen's Closet goes above and beyond with her tutorials by adding some hacks as well. (Just one reason we love her and her patterns!!) Check them out below:

Kochi Kimono Sewalong      Suki Kimono Sewalong

In addition to the sewalongs, there are few helpful tips we think will make your robe sewing easier. The first is about how to achieve sharp corners. Obviously, this does not only apply to kimonos, but with the open front of the robe, it's good to cover how to get those edge corners to look as good as possible. Honestly, what's more appealing that perfect geometry (Just me? Sorry, my math nerd is showing).

Anyway, there are a couple of schools of thought on how to get great corners. Traditionally, you clip the corners as close to the stitch line as possible to reduce bulk then invert. But there are others who use the seam allowance to actually shape the corner, and it has some pretty impressive results. Like lots of things in sewing, you can choose which method works best for you and your project, so we've included several ways to handle those pesky right angles below:

Sewing Perfect Points      No-Clip Corners

Finally, if you're like me and you are on a quest to add pockets to everything you sew, we have a tutorial on how to sew in-seam pockets with french seams. French seams are perfect for these several of the fabrics in our boxes, and we love the way that they look. But how the heck do you do that with in-seam pockets??

Luckily the bloggers for In the Folds Patterns have done the hard work for us and made a tutorial. And once you go pockets, you'll never want to go back!

French Seams on Inseam Pockets

That's it for this month's boxes. Let us know if we left anything out. And don't forget, our next box announces at the end of this week, so stay tuned! And subscribe to our newsletter if you haven't already to stay up to date on our blog posts and news!

Happy Sewing!