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Modern Chic Pattern Bundle

In this bundle, we've paired some simpler pieces with more dramatic patterns to help you create a wardrobe that is fit for New York or LA but still wearable wherever you live. The Sirocco Jumpsuit is chic yet comfortable, and depending on the fabric you choose, it can be a bold statement or a wardrobe workhouse (I wear mine all the time); the Bellatrix Blazer is a tuxedo inspired layering piece, and you can play with the look with fabric inserts at the shoulders; the Ginger Jeans are your dream pair of high-waisted, slim fit jeans that can be dressed up or down in any outfit; and finally the Ogden Cami is a must have in any wardrobe where simple and fashionable are the name of the game. Put them all together and you have the makings of an amazing and modern handmade wardrobe.

Patterns in this Bundle (Click to the links to get full details and sizing info)

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