Fluid Soft Tailored Structured Crisp
Clings to Form Forms soft folds Holds shape loosely Forms flexible folds Hangs stiffly

Yellow Chartreuse Sueded Silk Charmeuse

A sueded charmeuse, meaning its brushed face is even softer than a regular charmeuse, this silk is what dreams are made of of. And the color is vibrant and unique. Use it on draped tops, slinky dresses, and stunning scarves - anything you want to create for a pop of color in your wardrobe.
Content: 100% Silk
Color: Chartreuse Yellow
Width: 43"
Stretch: None
Opacity: Opaque
Drape: Fluid
Fabric WeightLightweight
Suggested Uses: Tops and blouses, scarves
Care Instructions: Dry clean only

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