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Sew Fearless Box - January

*** Available to order from November 15 to December 14. Ships on January 2 ***

The Cambria Duster is a versatile and staple fall piece. It has a dramatic, wide draped shawl-style collar. It is a shin length, unlined duster that is perfect for layering. Tie the ties in back for a clean, shapely look, or wrap them around in front for a little more coverageMore...

In this box, you will receive the pattern, fabric of your choice, and all the notions to match your fabric

Pattern: Cambria Duster from Friday Pattern Co.

Skill Level: Confident Beginner

What you should know (or desire to learn): Setting sleeves, attaching patch pockets, topstitching, bias finishing (optional)

Fabric Options: Read more about the fabric options here.

  • Mulberry Tencel Twill - The pattern calls for fabrics with drape, and in our minds, that means Tencel. Tencel has brilliant drape but more body than a viscose and silk making it ideal for a coat. In a rich mulberry hue, reminiscent of red clay, this fabric is earthy yet neutral, our twist on the traditional brown trench. A stunning color for a stunning duster.
  • Grey and Blue Diamond Jacquard - The heaviest of our three options, this jacquard still has a gorgeous drape that makes it a knockout fabric. From afar, it looks like a dotted grey fabric, but up close, you can see a diamond pattern with blue centers inside each shape. If you've ever struggled to find a coat to wear with your more dressy outfits, this is the make for you!
  • Navy Tencel Twill II - An ounce heavier per yard than the mulberry Tencel twill, this fabric has the same great drape and body as the one above. And in a deep navy, it will make a coat that is as versatile as it is stylish. A no brainer choice if you want a long coat that you will wear for years and years.

Also in this box: Matching thread, bias tape, a safety pin, and a sewing machine needle

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