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Sew Fearless Box - January

*** Available to order from November 15 to December 14. Ships after January 2. ***

The Minoru is a zip-front weekend jacket with an optional secret hood hidden inside a wide collar. View A features the full jacket with hood. Or, View B is without the hood and with the cute collar as the focus.

Easy-to-sew raglan sleeves give the jacket a comfortable fit. The jacket's elastic waistline creates waist-hugging silhouette.

If you're not sure which version to sew, the hood is designed to be tucked away in the wide, roomy collar. It's ready for when you need it, but stays hidden when you don’t! The collar looks great done up or left open. The jacket is fully lined, with interior patch pockets to stash your cards and keys safely and out of sightMore...

*Note: Normally, we do not have you specify the size of the pattern you will ultimately sew. However, the pattern calls for a different length separating zipper depending on the size of the pattern. Therefore, we need to know the general range you will sew to include the proper notions.*

In this box, you will receive the pattern, fabric of your choice, and all the notions to match your fabric

Pattern: Minoru Jacket from Sewaholic Patterns

Skill Level: Intermediate

What you should know (or desire to learn): Inserting a zipper, sewing gathers, setting raglan sleeves, sewing an elastic casing, inserting a lining 

Fabric Options: Read more about the fabric options here.

  • Olive Green Waxed Poplin - This Japanese poplin has a very thin coating of wax on the right side making it water resistant for most rainy weather. A combination of cotton and nylon gives it great durability and being a poplin, it's very thin, meaning it will handle the gathers of the jacket at the waist really well without creating bulk. The dark olive green color (slightly lighter than it appears in the swatch) is neutral and versatile. With the styling of the jacket, it will look utilitarian without veering too militaristic. An amazing fabric option!
  • Creamy Latte Waxed Twill - At first glance, this fabric looks like your typical light sand khaki twill, but look closer and you can see that the right side has a slight sheen, almost like leather. That's due to the waxy coating that transforms an ordinary fabric into a faux leather luxury dream. The fabric itself is the heaviest of the three options, at 8oz, but it is supple and soft and will become a lovely three-season jacket with the added benefit of being water resistant. In the "light and sweet" latte color, it's neutral and serene, something we could all use on rainy days.  
  • Lake Blue Kobe Twill - If you're the type who wants a bright color in your outerwear, we've got the fabric for you! Sometimes, on rainy or cloudy days, you just want a pop of color to make everything seem brighter, and this lake blue twill will do just that. At 6 oz, it's the perfect weight for a midseason jacket and the cotton twill is light and breathable. Though not waterproof, it can be treated with spray if you want to turn it into a true raincoat, but it can also just be a wonderful spring jacket for when the weather can change on the drop of a dime. A bright and cheery option! 

    Also in this box: Matching thread, coordinating kona cotton lining, 2 yds elastic, a separating zipper, interfacing, and a sewing machine needle.