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Inspired by traditional workwear of the early fifties, the practical and hardwearing Foreman is an unlined utilitarian jacket made to take charge. Features a boxy cut, 2 piece sleeves, a neat square collar, 2 hip pockets, and one breast pocket. Can be optionally top-stitched in contrasting thread. The jacket was cut and designed for men, but the boxy shape fits most bodies, regardless of gender. More...

Ships starting January 1, 2022

  • Honey Gold Recycled Poly Cotton Flannel - Look quickly, and you'd be absolutely certain this heavyweight flannel was a wool coating. With the look of melton wool, but the feel of a brushed, cotton flannel, this fabric has everything you want for this pattern. Plus, the color is stunning. An earthy yellow, it's the color of acorn squash or toasted wheat, and it's an unexpected burst of brightness for a utilitarian coat. For a jacket that feels as amazing as it looks, this is the fabric for you!
  • Auburn Cotton Linen Abstract Jacquard - Combining a rusty, workwear color with an unexpected jacquard weave, this fabric is a sight to behold. And it's reversible! The texture and color of the fabric are created by an abstract pattern of tightly woven shapes set on a looser, looped background. And it's gorgeous! Combined with the practical and angular shape of the jacket and you have an interplay of style and fabric that is making me swoon!
  • Navy 14 Wale Corduroy - Corduroy is such a common workwear fabric that it was almost required to use it in this box. We chose a medium wale, somewhere between the wide grooves of 70s style cord and the velvety smoothness of a pincord, so it has good texture without behind too distinct. Combined with a classic navy color, this fabric is destined to become a new family heirloom in your closet. An amazing choice!

Customer Reviews

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Rhoda Martin
High Quality Fabric

I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the fabric. Good Purchase.

Favorite Winter Trousers

This box arrived just in time for the cooler weather. The trousers by The Assembly Line are great. I was a bit skeptical of the double pleats on the front and double darts in the back. Once I was done, I felt like I stepped out from the 1920s or 30s. I'm 5'10" and normally need to find jeans/pants with a 34" inseam. I was very surprised at the length of these trousers since their website state that they draft their patterns for a height of 5'6". I decided not to add any extra length and they ended up being just right -- with a narrow hem -- when I wear flats. I would definitely add an inch or two next time to widen the hem and make them a little longer to wear with any type of small heel.

I also really loved the buttons that were included in the box.

I am already planning on making another pair of these trousers for this winter.

Kristine Gorham
Good, but...

I love the fabric, pattern and notions, but the pattern calls for interfacing which was not included. I thought it would be and had to make a run to the fabric store.

Ilonka Molano
Love it!!!

Everything comes in a lovely box and clearly lovingly packaged. The fabric is gorgeous

Awesome pattern, concerns with content of kit

The pattern has been really nice to work with, everything is really clean and finished. The needle works very well for this fabric, and I love how the kit was packed. However, I have a few concerns with the accessories that came with the box. The fabric ended up being really think for the pattern - some of the seams had 4-5 layers of fabric, making for bulky seams. The fabric is also a heavy weight when the pattern recommended light to medium weight. I still think I can make it work, it just made it difficult to work with.

Additionally, I received 2 sets of thread and it was not enough to complete the project. It got me through most of it, and I tried my best to preserve it. I'm not sure anyone could make the entire coat with only the 2 thread.

I'd still order again because of the ease of everything coming in one kit, and I realize this is a new service so I'm hopeful it will only get better!