April 28, 2023

A Quick Guide to Common Knits

Our June Boxes are all about knit t-shirts! If you've only been sewing with wovens, knit fabric can seem like a scary, new challenge. But it doesn't have to be! With a little knowledge, you can feel just as comfortable with these stretchy fabrics are you are with your wovens.

Plus, once you start sewing knits, you may become hooked. They're easy to fit, quick to sew, and incredibly comfy to wear.

Here’s a primer and a video on some (but certainly not all) different types of knit fabrics:

  1. Jersey - Single yarn knit with a clear “right side” of visible loops and a “wrong side” of purl stitches. Can be used for almost all knit projects
  2. French Terry - A variation of fleece with a looped back and jersey front. Used similarly to jersey for a variety of projects
  3. Double Knit/Ponte - A double knit is two layers of fabric knitted together with two sets of needles creating dense, stable, stretchy knits. The stable nature means it can sewn almost like a woven for pants, dresses, and jackets
  4. Sweater Knit - Similar to jersey, this knit uses thicker yarn and looser tension, making the looped structure more visible and airy. Used for sweaters and dresses.
  5. Rib Knit - Alternating bands of knit and purl stitches create visible ribs, similar to stripes, and provide excellent stretch. Often used for cuffs, neckbands, and close-fitting tops


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