May 24, 2023

A Quick Guide to Stretch Sewing Stitches

Our next two boxes - June and July - feature fabulous knits, perfect for summer comfiness. So that brings up an important topic: how to sew with knits on a regular sewing machine.

We love sewing with knits because they are comfortable, easy to fit, and yes . . . easy to sew! The number of knit stitches might seem overwhelming, but we like to think this just means you have options. 😎

Here are a few of our favorite types of knit stitches:

1️⃣ - Wide zig zag - great stretch and almost decorative, good for topstitching, adjust your tension to prevent puckering
2️⃣ - Narrow zig zag - strong, good stretch, use for regular seams
3️⃣ - Lightning stitch - *my favorite option* reduces puckering and looks almost like straight stitch (not all machines have this)
4️⃣ - Triple zig zag stitch - great for topstitching very stretchy knits, like swimsuit fabric, or elastics, prevents puckering
5️⃣ - Twin needle stitch - for the look of an overlocker on a regular machine, just make sure to adjust your tension to prevent tunneling.
6️⃣ - Serged stitch - amazing stretch, plus a finished edge, a win-win 




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