December 29, 2021

Announcement: Mindful Sewing Series

I’ve always struggled with imposter syndrome, though I didn’t always know the term for it. Growing up, we called it a lack of self-esteem, but it was never really about the way I felt about myself. I could spend hours alone, perfectly content. It was more about the way I felt around other people. I struggled with fitting in, with finding the right people, with feeling like I belonged.

Then I found sewing.

I came to sewing later in life – in my mid-thirties, when I was looking for a hobby I could stick to. Before then, I had always avoided labeling myself as part of a group. I worked in a bookstore, but I wasn’t a “book person”. I got into running and yoga, but I didn't want to be a "runner" or a "yoga person." Once labeled, it felt like a cage, like I was putting boundaries on myself that I didn’t want. And usually, whenever I labeled myself, my interest waned.

Except for sewing.

I proudly, without hesitation, say I am a sewist. It's part of me and who I am. Labeling myself as such doesn’t feel limiting, but instead, empowering. I feel a little like a superhero with my sewing. And I’m happy to be part of the community.

So why is that? This year, I want to take the time to reflect on what role sewing plays in my life, why I love it, what I get from it beyond a piece of clothing, and why I'm willing to embrace being a sewist when everything else never seemed to fit – and we all know fit is a key part of sewing :)

Over the next 12 months, I want to dig into different aspects of my own sewing life, and I want you to join me in the journey. That’s why I’m launching a year-long Mindful Sewing Project, in which we can take a wider view of our craft and hobby and hopefully deepen our connection to sewing in the process.

In practical terms, this means a monthly newsletter and blog about Mindful Sewing with specific themes each month as a jumping-off point for contemplation. For January, the theme will be Intention, and you’ll hear more about it next week. You will quickly see that I’m not an expert on mindfulness, nor am I trying to be. I don’t want this series to be instructive, but rather, I want it to evolve over time as we explore together.

In addition to the newsletter, we will also have a community zoom chat towards the end of the month where we can share our thoughts and reflections with our community. This series will be exclusive to subscribers to the newsletter, so make sure you sign up to get access to everything we are planning.

So, come, join me this year on a mindful sewing journey! I don’t know quite where it will lead, but I know it’s going to be interesting.

Happy sewing,


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