November 15, 2023

Curious about Quilted Garments? This January, We're Here to Help!

Have you noticed that quilted garments seem to be everywhere lately? As an ardent garment quilter and only a sometimes, often clumsy quilter, it seems to me that the two worlds are coming together in a way that I haven't seen since I started sewing.

And I have to say, I'm here for it. Bringing quilted concepts into garment sewing is hardly a leap, and it means the ability to make clothes that are much loved, carefully crafted, and uniquely yours. The hard part of tackling this trend, though, can be where to start. That's why this month, we're helping you dip your toe in the quilted sewing world by gathering all the batting, fabric, binding, and notions for you!

That being said, we know that everyone's skill level is different, so we're offering a tiered approach to the boxes. Each box will have a no-quilting, an easy-quilting, and confident-quilting option. That means a pre-quilted fabric, a familiar garment fabric, and – as a departure from our usual – a pack of curated fat quarters for you to quilt from your own design, whether that's a scrappy, improv style or a geometric, patterned approach.

Oh, and the best part of this month? Every box for this theme is size-inclusive!!

So, without further ado, let's dig in!

Sew Essential Box: Wildwood Vest from Helen's Closet


We always love when we get the chance to use Helen's Closet Patterns. They are always so detailed and instructive, and this quilted vest really brings that home. It helps that Helen opened a quilting brand this year; we know that she knows her quilting!

The lovely thing about this vest is its versatility. It can be worn under a heavier coat if you live in frigid climes like I do, or you can throw it over a long-sleeved tee if you are in warmer areas. It's a three-season piece that once you've made it, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. And honestly, there's nothing better than being able to make it again and again because you love it so. The power of sewing your own clothes, amirite?!

  • Walnut Shetland Flannel - Our favorite flannel is back this month, this time in a delicious, deep brown shade. If you've been paying attention, chocolate-y hues are big right now, and we're embracing the look with this soft, brushed cotton. The yarn dyed chevron pattern creates a suiting look, but the hand is snuggly and warm. Together, you get an upscale quilted vest that is a delight to wear! 
  • Rose Pre-quilted Wave Dune Polyester - If you're not one to quilt, we've got you covered. This polyester pre-quilted fabric, from Mind the Maker no less, has beautiful loft and a dreamy, rosy hue. The silky, semi-matte surface gives the feel of a puffer jacket, plus it's water-repellent! The wave quilt adds softness to the look, mimicking the rounded corners of the pockets and hem. A gorgeous vest with all the quilting done for you!
  • Midnight Ocean 10 Fat Quarters - Are you a quilter at heart? These 10 fat quarters are dark and mysterious, a combination of midnight blues, blacks, and teals, with hits of bright pink and green. It's like a starry night come to life! You get to decide how to use the fat quarters, so your vest can be as unique as you are. Oh the possibilities!

Sew Select Box: Tamarack Jacket from Grainline Studio


The Tamarack Jacket is what we would consider the Platonic ideal of a simple quilted jacket. And to be honest, it bucked the trend by coming out several years ago. 

Simple, clean lines (like all the Grainline Studio patterns) mark this design. But it's the details that really set it apart. Welt pockets and a curved hem. Snap closures and a chance to play with a lining. The pattern itself comes with two different suggested quilting designs, but the great thing is that you can truly customize this jacket with your choice of topstitching. And then you can firmly say that your jacket is one of a kind!

  • Nutmeg Essex Yarn-Dyed Linen - There's something about Grainline Studio patterns that always lead us to linen, especially yarn-dyed ones. The clean lines and simple details match so well with the fabric! Here, we're using a lovely light brown hue that is mottled with cream weft threads for a rustic, natural look. A soft hand, aided by cotton content, means the jacket will be warm and cozy. You'll love this handmade for years to come!
  • Indigo Pre-Quilted Stripe Cotton Polyester - Our non-quilting option, this prestitched fabric is a combination of cotton and polyester with a two sided design. The outer is matte and waterproof, with a peached hand, while the inside is silky like bemberg lining. A heavier loft than the option in our Sew Essential means it warmer and fluffier, perfect for cold winter days. A classic navy rounds out the look so you can create a timeless jacket for your wardrobe!
  • Color Master AGF Studio 10 Fat Quarters - There is a quiet luxury to the color theme of these fat quarters. The combination of pale pink, deep jade green, and bright magenta evokes the art deco trend of the 1920s, while floral patterns and sharp lines give a midcentury feel. The look is architectural yet soft, and we can't wait to see what you create with this set of fabrics. We just know it will be amazing!

Sew Indulgent Box: Hovea Jacket from Megan Nielsen


The Hovea Jacket comes with so many options that we honestly don't know where to start. there are long and short versions, quilted and not quilted, lined and unlined. With this pattern, you can not only make one jacket, but you can reuse it to make a whole closet-full without ever repeating a version!

Obviously we're focusing on the quilted versions this month, and we love all the little details that the pattern has. As usual for Megan Nielsen patterns, it has roomy pockets. Plus, an option for either bias finishing or fabric band edges means you can customize your jacket even further. Everything about this jacket screams cozy, and we just want to wrap ourselves in it. Don't you?

  • Forest Green Cotton Linen Twill - The fabric is lush! The deep, deep green is jewel-toned and decadent, while the linen cotton blend, with a slight sheen and dry hand, makes an ideal canvas for quilting stitches. The look is subtle and sophisticated, allowing you to show off your skills without shouting about them. If you're going for quiet refinement, this is the fabric for you!
  • Tan Brown Cotton Jacquard Double Cloth - It would be a complete lapse on our part if we didn't use the famed Merchant and Mills cotton jacquard in our quilted box. Though technically not quilted, the fabric mimics the look with geometric design and wonderful loft. The simple tan color gives a bit of a Carhart vibe, while eschewing the hard, canvas look. The contrast of soft and utilitarian is just one of the perks of this option, a truly luxurious fabric. Blanket-like and warm, this is the jacket you'll want to wear all the time, indoors and out!
  • Color Master Maureen Cracknell 10 Half Yards - This quilting pack gave us a delightful opportunity to add some rosy hues to our color set. Blush, bubblegum, and raspberry pinks combine with sage greens, ash blues, and deep golds for a rich, opulent feel. For some reason, the combination reminds me of ice cream and dessert, which I'm all for. Whatever the colors evoke for you, we know you'll create a gorgeous, entirely personalized jacket you'll always treasure! 

We know quilting isn't for everyone, and perhaps you live in a climate that doesn't warrant jackets. That's why this month, we're reviving our Jeans boxes from (oh man) four years ago! That's a long time, which means that the fabrics are different, but in the end, you'll still end up with a pair of amazing jeans. And who doesn't want that!? 

Until next time. . .

Happy sewing!



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