December 15, 2017

Say Hello to the February Box Featuring Pencil Skirts!

February is a short month, so we thought we'd go with an easier project for you all. But easier doesn't mean boring! 
Enter the classic pencil skirt. 
Pencil Skirt February Sewing Subscription Box
I personally love the look of pencil skirts. Pardon my French, but they are versatile AF. Though they have simple lines, they can be customized any number of ways and embellished beautifully. Plus, you can wear them to work and look wicked professional or you can pair them with tights, boots and a short jacket and look perfect for a dinner out or a cool brunch. What's not to love, amirite?
So, with that said, let's take a look at what we have to offer for February!

Lightweight Box: The Ultimate Pencil Skirt by Sew Over It

Ultimate Pencil Skirt Sew Over It Pattern Sewing Box
If you only want one pencil skirt pattern, this is it. You buy this one and you can customize to your hearts content with fabrics, embellishments, piping, pattern manipulations...the possibilities are endless. We're starting you out with the basic skirt in three standout fabrics.
Fabric by the Yard Lightweight Box February 2018 Pencil Skirt


  • Black and White Lace Printed Cotton - I saw this fabric and fell hard, like "jaw on the floor, I can't order this fast enough" hard. Wanna know why? It's a total optical illusion!!  From afar, a super ornate lace, up close, an eminently sewable stretch cotton broadcloth. Soft, stretchy and completely opaque, it will trick everyone into thinking you are a master sewer.
  • Dark Navy Stretch Dobby - Up until recently, I thought of dobby was just a house-elf but now I want to make everything with this type of fabric. Because of the special loom, dobbies have a geometric texture inherent to the weave and this fabric is no different. It has a very subtle 1/4 navy on navy stripe that adds just enough detail to this skirt to take it out of the ordinary. Super soft and completely opaque, it can be treated a bit like denim or chambray and can be styled as such as well. It will become a staple in your wardrobe.
  • Coronet Blue and Dark Navy Tartan Plaid Cotton Flannel - Ok, I'm a sucker for a plaid skirt. Maybe it was the years of Catholic school, but I still think it's chic. With vibrant blues, this tartan is has a pop of color without being brash. It's also brushed for softness and wearability, and because it's cotton, it's machine washable. Medium weight, it's warm enough for the winter months, but light enough for three season wear. Also, we're sending you an extra half yard to match the pattern on the seams. 

Medium Weight Box: Pulmu High-Waisted Pencil Skirt by Named Clothing

Pulmu High Waisted Skirt Named Clothing Pattern Sewing Box

Named Clothing caught my eye a few years back because their designs are so fashion forward. I never realized the Finns were so chic! But now that I know this, I find myself scouring their website looking for inspiration.

This month, I found it with the Pulmu High-Waisted Pencil Skirt. Not your average pencil skirt, it has a belt and side slits. But what really got me was the triangle insert instead of side seams. Just such a clever design detail that adds visual intrigue and also a little bit of a sewing challenge (something I always seek in my sewing projects - I love to learn new skills). 

So, let's talk fabric choices:

Fabric by the Yard February 2018 Medium Weight Box Pencil Skirts


  • Fiery Red Viscose Flannel - I know what you're thinking: That's a bright red fabric. And yes, that's true. But who doesn't want to make a bold statement sometimes? This flannel is incredibly soft and the drape fits the pattern perfectly, just enough body to hide panty lines, just enough fluidity to flow over your curves. The solid color will show off the style lines and the flexibility of the fabric will move with you for your comfort. Go bold, and go red!
  • Grayed Jade Stretch Polyester Crepe - For the more demure of us out there, we have a subtler solid with this soft green crepe. With a unique, pebbly texture, there is some visual depth to the fabric to lift it out fo the ordinary. Plus, a tiny bit of spandex content gives it a nice amount of stretch, always something nice to have in a skirt. Pair it with a cream blouse or a pastel cardigan and you have instant outfit mojo!
  • Black Polyester Twill/Raw Hide Stretch Faux Leather - The first thing I thought of with the triangle side panels was color-blocking, so check this out. A solid black twill for the main front and back panels, but a stretch faux leather for the sides. Pretty rock and roll, right? I must admit that I'm cheating off a skirt that I already own, but that doesn't make it any less cool. Show off your wild side when you make this skirt!

Heavyweight Box: Arielle Skirt by Tilly and the Buttons

Tilly and the Buttons Arielle Skirt Pattern Sewing Box

I'm going to confess upfront that I already have two Arielle skirts, one in a red tartan wool another in a green twill. And I freaking love them. So when I thought pencil skirts, choosing this pattern was a complete no brainer. Smart lines, easy instructions and fun button detail? Sign me up!

Because this is the heavyweight box, we've gone luxe in our fabric choices. Wool, wool and more wool. This is February, right? You make this box and you have a warm, stylish skirt that will last you for years and years.

Fabric by the Yard Pencil Skirt Heavyweight Box February 2018 

  • Chocolate Chip Wool Suiting - Chocolate chip is the color of brown, but there is also a marled quality to the color, so there are little flecks of darker brown, just like a chocolate chip. Whoa! Two levels! But all jokes aside, this fabric is tops. Medium weight, tightly woven and brushed for softness, if you make this option, you have your go-to skirt for any occasion. 
  • Sunflower Boiled Wool - I am not typically a yellow person, but this fabric just makes me happy. (And I really do love the yellow sample version on the pattern jacket). Some may balk at boiled wool; it's not usually super soft and it can be quite heavy. But not this one! This has a fair amount of viscose in the mix, making it much more wearable and much lighter. Plus, the color is so vibrant and so saturated, that is just screams out to be made into something wonderful. Brighten up your winter by turning this sunny fabric into your next favorite skirt.
  • Black and White Slubbed Graph Check Twill - I have never seen a fabric like this one, and I'm so happy that I got to snap it up. With a very subtle black on black check in the twill that acts as a background for graphic white lines, this fabric is lighter weight for a wool and has a soft, flexible drape. Your skirt will be as unique as you are when you choose this fabric, and it will have everyone asking where you got it. And who doesn't love answering, "Oh, thanks, I actually made it."?

Finally, let's talk buttons, shall we? The button detail on this skirt can completely change the look. Some people go simple and matching, others go bold and contrasting. Who am I to make that choice for you? So, we've suggested two sets of buttons for each fabric. However, that doesn't mean that you can't ignore our suggestions and use the one you like. All six will be available for the three fabrics.

Arielle Skirt Fabric Buttons Sewing Box

We have two metal options for the chocolate chip wool, one shiny, one brushed; then a wooden button and a plastic filagree button for the boiled wool; and finally a black plastic button and a white pearl button with black detail for the slubbed wool check. Feel free to mix and match. The choice is yours!


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