April 15, 2023

Getting Crafty in June with T-Shirts and Tie Dye (or Ice Dye, to be exact)

Are you feeling it yet? There's a smell in the air in spring when you know that the weather is turning and summer is on the way. This week as I write this, the weather is changing and I can feel it. Warm weather is about to hit.

With that in mind, it's a fantastic time to think about your warm-weather clothes. And nothing is more classic than the perfect knit t-shirt to get you through the summer months. That's why this June, we're all about the tees, from retro ringer tees to fitted, body hugging knits, to relaxed, slouchy tops. We love them all!

And to make this month even better, we're trying something new with our boxes. This month, we're including an ice-dying kit in every New box so you can ice-dye your brand new handmade. The Sew Indulgent even contains 2 yards of PFD cotton for a second make!

We've been lurking all the lovely ice-dye tees on Instagram and we can't wait send a cool kit with all the dyes, soda ash, and rubber bands you need to try it on your own. All you need to provide is ice!

Our color inspiration for June is also summer inspired, more specifically, summer sunset inspired. There's nothing more magical than golden hour on a warm day, and we wanted to put those colors into action. Golden oranges, rich blues, and creamy neutrals are the name of the game here, and they put us in such a summery mood already. They also fit with the slightly retro feel of some of the patterns we've chosen, a time in which earth tones and denim blue were king. 

So, without further ado, let's dig in!

Sew Essential Box: Rio Ringer Tee from True Bias

If we're being honest, I may have planned this entire month's theme simply so I could use the Rio Ringer Tee in a box. I love it so! There are many patterns in True Bias's collection that harken back to seventies style, but in the best way possible. It's not gabardine suits and crazy collars, but more Americana casual between the Lander Pants and this lovely pattern. It feels straight out of Freaks and Geeks rather than Saturday Night Fever.

What really makes this top sing is the ribbing. Each box will include white cotton rib knit, and it adds such nice contrast to the base color of the tee. Add a lightly fitted shape and a classic jewel neck collar, and you have the platonic idea of a casual T-shirt. Basically the pattern you'll want to make on repeat until you fill a drawer full.

For colors, it was all about evoking the dusty, earthy vibe of the late seventies/early 80s, so we went with oranges and blues in classic t-shirt cottons. Plus, you'll find a fun option ready for the ice-dye kit!


  • Terra Cotta Cotton Spandex Jersey - The Ringer Tee has strong seventies vibes, so we knew we wanted to use earth tones somehow. Then we found this rich terra cotta hue and we needed to look no further. Rich and earthy, this fabric has a golden sunset color that makes us want to watch Dazed and Confused and wear bell bottoms. Add the fact that the fabric itself is our favorite t-shirt knit, and we're ready to make our new favorite top for easy summer wear. Are you?
  • Pink Ribbons Navy Cotton Jersey - The most playful of our options this month, this navy and pink cotton just makes us smile. Isn't it a delight? A bit of a holdover from last month's barbiecore influences, this fabric has pops of pink without being too twee. Each ribbon is about an inch big and they evoke butterflies and bows depending on your perspective. A lovely medium weight jersey, this fabric has great stretch and recovery and will become a fantastic t-shirt!
  • White Laguna Jersey - We're doing something a little bit different this month and sending you PFD fabric. "Prepared for Dye" means it is the perfect canvas for the ice dye kit we are sending this month. The fabric itself is medium weight with amazing stretch and recovery. Basically our favorite T-shirt knit that you can transform into a hand-dyed shirt or keep as a white tee to wear with everything!

Sew Select Box: Agnes Jersey Top from Tilly and the Buttons

If you're one of the sewists who is a little hesitant about sewing knits, Tilly and the Buttons will convert. With incredibly helpful instructions and tips about sewing knits on a regular sewing machine, the Agnes Top pattern will guide you through every step of sewing your next favorite shirt. Plus with their newly expanded size range, we're thrilled to use the pattern as our first combined Sew Select Box and Sew Curvy Box, with patterns ranging up to a 61" hip!

The Agnes Top is a close-fitting top finished with a narrow neckband. Irresistibly wearable and endlessly versatile, it can be made with long or cropped sleeves, plain or ruched at the shoulder, and scoop neckline or ruched sweetheart neckline. All in all, this top is a wardrobe staple you'll make again and again.

Like our Sew Essential Box, we're going golden hour with our colors, and adding some delicious modal content too. To reflect the fitted, European look of pattern, we have some stripes as well so you can look your best, even if you don't live on the Mediterranean (yet!).


  • Ocean Harbor Stripe Cotton Jersey - Stripes and knits are a match made in heaven. Just ask the French Navy. This knit fabric, a twist on a traditional navy stripe, combines deep blue with bright turquoise for a look that is bold yet classic. Medium weight with just the right amount of body, this fabric is just waiting to be transformed into a stripy, fitted tee. We love it!
  • White Laguna Jersey - As we mentioned above, one option in these two boxes is u PFD fabric. "Prepared for Dye" means it is the perfect canvas for the ice dye kit we are sending this month. The fabric itself is medium weight with amazing stretch and recovery. Basically our favorite T-shirt knit that you can transform into a hand-dyed shirt or keep as a white tee to wear with everything!
  • Mango Cotton Modal Jersey - Modal is such a lovely fabric; on top of its incredible softness, it also has a beautiful drape and slight sheen. The addition of cotton makes it sturdy and stretchy, and a healthy dose of spandex gives it great stretch. Plus, the earthy, mango hue feels natural and rich, like golden hour in a fabric! 

Sew Indulgent Box: Briar Sweater & T-Shirt from Megan Nielsen

There was a period of time when I would buy the new tissue tee every single year from J Crew to add to my summer wardrobe. In fact, I still wear the ones that haven't been loved to death, and I'm always searching for a sewing pattern to duplicate the look. The Briar T-Shirt from Megan Nielsen is the closest I've found, and, to be honest, it may be even better!

I always love the number of variations Megan Nielsen patterns have. While all have a scoop neck, high-low hem, and patch pocket, there's a classic, relaxed tee that hits the hip, a cropped version that hits the waist, and options for short or long sleeves. And psst, this pattern can also be made again in the fall with sweater knits and beefy jerseys for a wonderful winter base layer!

Unlike the other boxes, this one doesn't include a choice of PFD fabric, and that's because every box gets 2 yards no matter which main fabric you choose! That means two t-shirts can be made, or one tee and another knit project you'll love. For the main fabric, we're keeping with the golden summer hues but with a little rosier twist!


  • Oatmeal Bright Speckled Jersey - If you've been paying attention to our previous boxes, you'd probably notice that we are partial to speckled fabric. But can you blame us? It's funfetti in a fabric, and we love it. This speckled jersey has an oatmeal colored base and tiny dots of blue, yellow, pink, and red, just like our favorite cupcakes. With a little bit less spandex than the other cotton knits this month, this fabric will be slouchy and relaxed, just like the Briar tee itself. An ideal match, if you ask us.
  • Blossom Pink Bamboo Jersey - This luscious bamboo jersey is smooth as silk, naturally cool to the touch, and simply put, feels amazing against your skin. The slightly muted, blossom pink, a blush tone like cherry blossoms and roses, is fresh and youthful, and will be an instant mood boost in your wardrobe. Lightweight yet opaque, with a great 4-way stretch, this fabric fits the relaxed style of this tee perfectly. A wonderful option!
  • Twilight Blue Stripe Bamboo Cotton Jersey - Silky and soft, this bamboo jersey is downright dreamy. This narrow stripe - each band of alternating blue and white is 2mm thick - adds a lovely hint of pattern without being overpowering. The cool hand and semi-fluid drape make it a great option for this t-shirts, with a little nod to French bateau tops. The healthy dose of spandex gives it great recovery too!

That's it for this month! Doesn't it put you in a great mood? If T-shirts aren't your thing, our Tried and True Boxes are continuing our romantic cottage core vibes with our Tiered Dress from a few summers ago. Each option is floaty and twirly, perfect for summer heat! Just note, these kits will not contain the ice-dying kit but rather a different, equally exciting extra goodie.

Until next time. . .

Happy sewing!


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