October 15, 2022

Let's Face It: December is Pajama Time!

It may feel like miles to go before we get to December, but before we know it, it will be upon us. And by that point, having made it through another year, don't you just want to curl up in your PJs with a cup of cocoa (or something stronger) and rest? Us too!

That's why it's become a sort of tradition here at Needle Sharp to plan our December Boxes around that feeling. And this year that means Pajama Sets.

There's nothing quite like a new pair of pajamas, from the soft fabric to the loose fit, and it puts us in the mood to take a moment for ourselves and find some calm. And after the stress of the new school year, then the holidays, it's important to take the time to snuggle up in something cozy. (Oh, and they make great Christmas presents too! My mom used to give me a new pair of pajama bottoms every year like clockwork.)

To really savor the sense of calm and serenity we want these pajama sets to give you, we went with a pretty strong color theme of deep blues, minty greens, and pastel pinks. For fabrics, we keep it soft and comfy with lightweight cottons, brushed flannels, and even a silky viscose for good measure. All things you'd love to have against your skin while you sleep.

So, without further ado, let's dig in!

Sew Essential Box: Agnes PJs from Paper Theory

We were so thrilled last year when Paper Theory started offering paper patterns that we started planning boxes around each of their fantastic patterns. It has taken a while, but we're finally able to use their pajama set, and we are thrilled!

The Agnes PJs are the perfect foray into sleepwear for a beginner between its simple elastic pull on pants to its loose-fitting top. The sleeves of the top are cut on so you don't have to worry about setting sleeves and they give you an easy fit that's oh so comfortable for sleeping. All in all, these are about to become your new favorite PJs that you'll want to make again and again.

For fabrics, we went classic with a flannel, a soft cotton, and a light swiss dot. Three different levels of warmth depending on how you like your PJs to feel. And the colors are serene and relaxing, all to put you into the mood for some rest and relaxation after the holidays are done. So here they are!

  • Royal Buffalo Check Cotton Flannel - Show your lumberjack love with this classic buffalo check flannel. This brushed flannel has a wonderfully soft feel and just the right amount of warmth. Medium weight and supple, this is the quintessential flannel pajama fabric. Plus The royal blue contrasts beautifully with the black and the larger scale of the check (roughly 1.5x1.5) gives a gorgeous tartan look. A classic winter look! 
  • Spearmint Flowers Lightweight Cotton Twill - In a lovely minty green, this fabric has a similar hand to a cotton poplin but I’m a quilting weight. While we don’t normally use that type of cotton, this fabric from Cotton +Steel has the perfect amount of crispness for a pair of cotton pajamas, this cotton will keep you warm but never hot. And the sweet pattern, with lighter flowers in almost a geometric pattern adds just the right amount of whimsy. All in all, an amazing choice for a set of PJs!
  • Blush Pink Viscose Dot - If you want just a hint of texture in your PJs, look no further than this viscose dot. Little bumps of of dobby weave on  this blush pink rayon creates a beautiful polka dot pattern that will really shine. The fabric is wonderfully lightweight and soft with a dreamy drape, and the pajamas you make will feel just like a dream, especially if you sleep hot. A beautiful choice!

Sew Select Box: Carolyn Pajamas from Closet Core Patterns


This is our third time offering a version of the Carolyn Pajamas because they are THAT GOOD!

Have you ever watched an old movie and marveled at how chic everyone's pajamas were in say, 1957? Even if you haven't, you probably still have the image in your head of the classic pajama set. Well, the Carolyn Pajamas are pretty much that ideal. 

Cuffs, a classic notched collar, chest pocket and even inseam pants pockets – this pattern has it all. And just might be the only pattern you need to create a classic, yet modern set of pajamas for both sleeping and lounging around the house.

A slightly retro look inspired us to choose slightly retro fabrics. A lovely midcentury floral, a tartan, and some cool pastels all fit the bill. And they are all lusciously soft and wearable. So let's take a look!

  • Mushroom Floral Printed Cotton - There's something straight out of a storybook with this print between its petite flowers and tiny mushrooms. And the blue color is serene and restful. With a dry hand and soft, flexible drape, this fabric is a dream to wear and the cotton will keep you cool and comfy - a must for sleepwear

  • Ballerina Pink Tartan Cotton Flannel - While most tartans tend to be on the darker side, this plaid is bright and light, combining creamy white and two shades of pink, for an effect that is soft and serene. It evokes peppermint patties and sugar plums, perfect for days when you can stay inside, warm and cozy, while everything sparkles outside. And, honestly, who wouldn't want that in a fabric? The soft brushed cotton is warm and medium weight to help you create your new favorite pair of flannel pajamas!

  • Wintergreen Cotton Double Gauze - We do love a good double gauze. And it makes total sense that the fabric of "secret pajamas" would also be amazing for actual PJS. This cotton gauze is light and slightly squishy and will feel like a cloud while you sleep. The mint green is pastel yet deeply saturated, and we love how the softness of the color matches the softness of the fabric. If you're looking for a set of PJs that feels like you've been wrapped in a baby blanket, look no further!

Sew Curvy and Sew Indulgent Box: Winnie Pyjamas from Merchant & Mills


When looking for classic wardrobe staples, I've come to always look at Merchant & Mills first. Their aesthetic is simple pieces with tailored details and timeless appeal. So finding out that not only did they have a pair of amazing PJs, but that they also had it in curvy sizing felt like a total boon.

There is so much to love about this pattern. A curved notched collar and an easy-to-sew button placket hit all the right notes for the top, and a wide, loose fit and drawstring closure make the pants a pleasure to wear. Basically, the Winnie PJs are everything you want in a pair of pajamas, and you'll want to make a whole wardrobe full.

Like our other boxes, these two boxes follow our color scheme with deep blues, cool greens, and wonderful pinks. Silky soft lawns and lush rayons give a luxurious feel so you won't want to take these PJs off. And honestly, on cold winter days, sometimes you don't need to. So here are the fabrics!

Sew Curvy Box 

  • Celadon and Melon Drop Cotton Lawn - We have a mint theme going for this month, but if pastels are too sweet for you, this green may be right up your alley. Somewhere between a sage and a spearmint, the color is tone-down and luxurious, just what you want in a pair of adult PJs. Combined with a geometric print of melon pink, navy, and white dots, this fabric is unique and full of character. The fabric itself is light and tightly woven like any good lawn should be. A lightly crisp drape adds wearability and lends itself so well for sleepwear when you want your PJs to sort of skim across your skin. A gorgeous and unusual choice!
  • Bright Blue Pin Dot Rayon Lawn - We love a good rayon lawn for its silky sheen and its fine, smooth hand. The tight weave lends itself so well to these PJs where you want softness and strength. And it also creates a set of pajamas that feel like your favorite "washed a million times" set of sheets. With pin dots of black on a bright blue background, this fabric is just the right hint of pattern too! A cool pair of PJs to keep you cool all night!
  • Midcentury Patchwork Printed Cotton Lawn - The pattern is a wonder! A printed patchwork pattern, it looks like a quilt without the seams and hours of sewing. The peach, pink, and green complement each other beautifully with nods towards midcentury prints and colors. Crisp and wonderfully light, this fabric will get better with each wash, which is perfect since you won't want to wear any other PJs ever again! 

Sew Indulgent Box 

  • French Blue Porcelain Print Cotton Lawn - Pajamas are often an opportunity to go with bolder patterns than we may use in our everyday clothing. So it seemed like a perfect time to use this stunning cotton lawn. Printed with a blue repeating motif of reeds and flowers, this pattern is right out of the french countryside or a greek tile floor. It feels very Renaissance in all the best ways. The fabric itself is crisp and soft with a silky smooth hand and light weight. Luxurious and unexpected, this choice will become a stunning pair of PJs!
  • Blush Pink Tone Stripe Viscose Cotton - This fabric was an absolute last minute addition after Atelier Brunette released this line of fabrics a few days before launch. But it was too good to miss! The tone on tone stripe of this drapey viscose cotton makes it look like silk pajamas - without all the upkeep. In a blush pink that has some beige tones to it, this fabric is neutral yet absolutely stunning. Can't you just imagine Katherine Hepburn wearing these in some glamorous movie??
  • Jade Confetti Cotton Lawn - While party dresses and tailored suits are fun, our best times are probably spent in our PJs. So why not turn them into a celebration? This confetti-printed lawn will do just that with its jade green color and mix of blue, orange, black, and white ticker-tape-like pattern. Silky soft with a lightly crisp drape and smooth dry hand, this fabric will also be a celebration to wear. We swear, you may not want to take them off in the morning!

If you want to keep the cozy going, but are looking for something to wear outside of the house (though PJ tops make excellent button up shirts, if you ask me), we are reviving our Hoodies boxes in our Tried and True Series. 

Similar to our Zip-Ups that we just did in September, these fleecy and warm boxes will set you up to make amazing layering pieces. So if you missed the zip-ups or just didn't want to sew zippers, these boxes will hit the spot. 

And no matter which box you choose this December, you'll be all set for the winter season of nights under a blanket, resting up for the day.

Until next time. . .

Happy sewing!



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