May 08, 2022

Mindful Sewing: Celebration

Mindful Sewing - Celebration

Can you believe it's already May?? In my mind, it still feels like February, but the change in seasons, the sun in the evening, and the leaves on the trees are all telling me that yes, it is fully Spring around me. And honestly, that's great news! For the past few blog posts, I've been talking about transition and change, but May is the apotheosis of that journey. May is a month of celebration!

Why is May a month of celebration? For one, Memorial Day is the unofficial launch of summer, marking the close of one part of the year and the beginning of the next. Plus, this month is host to graduations, school sports championships, weddings, and so much more. And last, but not least, this very blog post is going up on maybe the biggest day of this month: Mother's Day.

Like many who have lost their mothers, and many more who have complicated relationships with this day, I am full of mixed emotions about the holiday. There's an underlying sense of loss and sadness that washes over me when I see everyone else gathering with their moms. But also, I am filled with fond memories of my time with my mom, and I'm reminded of the love we shared, and still share, even though she's not physically here. 

It was my mother who taught me to sew, and in doing so, she helped change the course of my life. She taught me to insert a zipper, to clip my seam allowances, to backstitch at the end of my seam. She listened to me whine when I made mistakes, and she patiently unpicked my stitches when I shoved my dress at her and said "ugh, I can't do this anymore!" And she was the one who encouraged me every step of the way when I decided to turn my hobby into something more and open my business.

Every time I sew, it is a celebration of the gift she gave me, the gift of her knowledge, her time, and especially her patience. Oh, so much patience. So this month (and honestly every month), when I sit down to sew, I'm making a point to think of her and honor her role in my life and my work.

What can you celebrate this month in your sewing? Obviously, this will be different for everyone, but our creativity is full of big and small wins worth reveling in. Sometimes I think we focus too much on the times we've made errors or the things we should've done better, but not this month. Whether it's getting your waist seam to match on a back zipper, sewing your first buttonhole, or hacking your first pattern, let's take the wins where we can get them and hold on to them.

Because there are lots of things to celebrate!

I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day and beyond this month. And don't forget to join our community zoom meeting, happening May 25 at 7pm. Don't forget to register!

Until next time. . . 

Happy sewing, 

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