April 10, 2022

Mindful Sewing: Renewal

I am in the middle of a sewing renaissance. Normally, I'm lucky if I can sew one thing in two months, but lately, I've been on a kick. Since the new year, I've made a coat, a pair of shorts, a jumpsuit, two tanks, and a bag. I'm excited to sew, filled with creative sparks, and completely baffled by why that is.

Is it just pure inspiration? Two years of pent-up pandemic energy? Some mystical intervention? (I'd love to meet a Muse, preferably Calliope because I've always loved the name) Whatever it is, I'm trying to take advantage of it while I can. It feels like I'm in a new phase of my sewing – more confident, more skilled, and clearer in my tastes – and I want to continue on this path of rejuvenation.

Springtime is a season of renewal, so it only seems fitting to be on a creative kick. As I look around, everything is coming back to life. On my front lawn, new grass is shooting up, snowdrops are blooming, and robins are rooting around for lunch. In other parts of the country, I'm sure that trees are budding and allergy sufferers are already cursing the pollen floating (sometimes visibly) through the air. So it makes sense that my sewing motivation is on the rise. It's my very own springtime for my hobby, and I'm rolling with it.

In our zoom chats, a lot of the talk has been about not having time or enthusiasm for our sewing. And sometimes, it can really feel like it's the last thing I want to do. It can be incredibly frustrating when the thing that brings you joy no longer gives you the same spark. 

However, what if we changed the framing of our sewing? What if we viewed our creative energy as not a straight line but more as a cycle, something that comes in seasons? There will surely be periods of abundance, like what I'm in now, where creation is easy and free-flowing, but there will also be times of drought and bad harvests, and even ice and snow. And maybe there will even be seasons when we need to let things go fallow where we step away so that our passion for sewing can revive itself and become more nourishing. 

Because here's the thing about our creativity, we can always believe and trust that once again, like springtime every year, there will be a time of renewal and regrowth.

Happy sewing,


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