November 15, 2018

New Year, New You, New Jeans

Needle Sharp January Jeans Boxes

I can't believe it's almost the end of the year. Right now, I'm planning my Thanksgiving menu and thinking about Christmas presents. Crazy, right? This year has been one of excitement and disappointment, both professionally and personally, but I can't help being someone who thinks of the end of the year and the beginning of the new one as a fresh start. January comes around and anything is possible.

I know I'm not alone in this thinking. And that's why we've chosen the new January box to be something that we think will start your sewing year off with a bang. Say hello to our make your own jeans box! Because why not, as we head towards a season that abounds with resolutions, gym memberships and diet plans, make a pair of jeans that fits your unique and wonderful body and makes you feel amazing and beautiful?

There were a bunch of great jeans patterns to choose from, so it was quite difficult to narrow them down to just four. We decided to choose four tried and true patterns with four distinct fits so that you can find the best one for your body and style.

And for each box, we've chosen some high-quality denims in different washes that will be both durable and comfortable. Denim by the yard is not distressed so it tends to be darker than a lot of the jeans you find in the store. But don't worry, once these boxes are shipped, we're going to give some guidance on how to treat your fabric to get the look you want. Also, it should be noted that the fabric choices for this box won't be as varied as with other boxes, but we are quite excited to highlight the qualities of each so you can choose the right denim for you!

In each box as well, 

Lightweight Box: Morgan Jeans by Closet Case Patterns

In your quest to make your own jeans, are you looking for a pair that will be loose and comfortable, you know, the pair you wear every weekend until they get worn and tattered? Then, the Morgan Jeans are the pair for you. The only pair this month that doesn't have any stretch, these jeans are fitted through the hip but are relaxed through the leg, making them a little more forgiving in terms of fit. They also feature a button-fly, five-pocket construction and a contoured waistband, so you get all the things you love about jeans.

Now let's talk fabric.

Morgan Jeans Swatches Lightweight Box Needle Sharp

  • Light Indigo Denim - This denim is distinctive on how blue it is, lighter and more saturated than a lot of denims you'll find. Next, you'll notice that the twill weave is deeper and more distinct than a regular twill. That's because it's what is called a 3x1 twill, which means that there are three warp threads for every weft thread. This makes the denim a bit heavier weight and sturdier. This fabric also has just a little bit of spandex in it. It doesn't add any significant stretch (maybe 5% at most), but it will add an element of comfort when you wear your me-made jeans
  • Cone Mills Mustard Yellow Denim - After the popularity of October's mustard yellow floral fabric, I found myself again drawn to this particular hue. From Cone Mills, a famous US denim producer, this fabric is deeply saturated and nicely soft to the touch. And the color is not too bright; the khaki color weft threads mute the vibrancy and deepen the rich color. This denim is just gorgeous option.
  • Cone Mills Slub Indigo Denim - A true indigo, also from Cone Mills, this denim is soft and smooth, and surprisingly thin for its weight. The slub warp yarn means there are slight variations in the twill weave, thus adding some visual interest to the dark face of the fabric. If you're looking to sew a classic dark pair of jeans, this is the fabric for you.

Medium Weight Box: Ginger Jeans by Closet Case Patterns

In many ways, I feel like the Ginger Jeans pattern is the pattern that started it all. And if you've ever considered making your own jeans, this was probably the pattern you were looking at. 

The Ginger Jeans are a classic for a reason. Modern and sexy, these jeans are designed to hug your curves, show off your assets and simply make you feel beautiful. Plus, this pattern has two options, the first being a low rise pair with a stove-pipe leg and the second a high-rise jean with a skinny leg. You get to choose which style fits your body the best!

As for fabrics, stretch is the name of the game here. Getting a good pair of jeans is all about finding the balance between fit and stretch, and with the three fabrics we have here, we think we've found the right formula.

Ginger Jeans Swatches Medium Weight Box Needle Sharp

  • Cone Mills Dark Indigo Stretch Denim - A dark, dark blue that seems almost purple black, this fabric features light blue weft threads rather than bright white, meaning the twill weave almost disappears. The lightest of the three options, this fabric is perfect for the skinny jean option. It'll be thick enough to hug your curves but not so thick as to cut off circulation when you sit. And, I don't know about you, but I love to sit.
  • Cone Mills Sulfur Black Tencel Denim - Sulfur black doesn't actually mean black in the denim world; it's more of a graphite gray, the result of black threads interwove with white ones. This sulfur black fabric has equal parts cotton and tencel, giving it a wonderfully fine weave and soft hand. And, hey, tencel is also anti-microbial, so you can wash your jeans less, helping you preserve its shape and color.
  • Cone Mills Indigo Stretch Slub Denim - A lighter blue than the first option, this fabric is probably what you think of when you think of blue jeans. It's also the heaviest weight choice, making it ideal for the low-rise stovepipe leg option. What's certain is that the jeans you make with this choice will be a classic.

Curvy Box: Ames Jeans by Cashmerette Patterns

Anyone with curves, who has hips and a stomach, knows that the search for the perfect pair of jeans can be a true struggle. Getting a pair to fit in all the right places can seem like an impossible task. And that's why Cashmerette came up with their Ames Jeans pattern.

The beauty of this pattern is the interchangeability of its cuts. The pattern actually features four different options that can be combined to fit your body. There are pelvis options for both an apple (people who typically have a flatter bottom, smaller hips, and a larger waist and a pear (people with a larger bottom, larger hips, and a smaller waist) and there are two leg options, straight and skinny. So you can choose apple-skinny or pear-straight or whatever you want your jeans to be.

Now, let's talk fabric:

Ames Jeans Swatches Curvy Box Needle Sharp

  • Royal Blue Stretch Denim - A bright blue with all the qualities of your favorite indigo denim. As a pear myself, I always thought I needed to wear dark colors on my bottom half, but in recent years, I'm rejecting that notion. If you love bright colors and a bold pair of pants, this is the denim for you.
  • Cone Mills Broken Weave Stretch Denim - Broken weave means that instead of the traditional diagonal lines of twill, these are fibers zig zag almost like a herringbone. The benefit? Lower chance of leg twist. And that's good news when fitting your jeans. Plus, it adds an interesting texture to the denim
  • Cone Mills Sulfer Black S-Gene Denim - Black threads interwoven with white, this fabric somehow looks both grunge and sophisticated. A pair of jeans made with this fabric would be the ones you might dress up with a blazer and boots and wear out on the town. And, hey, everyone needs that one great pair of dressy jeans. 

In this box, we're also giving you some fun pocketing because sometimes you want the insides of your jeans to be just as beautiful as the outside. We're giving you the choice between a plain color and a novelty print, both made out of Cotton + Steel lawn.

Heavyweight Box: Ash Jeans by Megan Nielsen Patterns

A recent addition to the jeans sewing pattern world, the Ash Jeans are wonderful for their versatility. This pattern is actually four patterns in one!! Megan Nielsen has outdone herself by offering four different cuts for the leg: slim, skinny, flare and wide leg. This way you can customize your jeans any way you want, and you have a sewing pattern that can be used over and over again.

Because this is the Heavyweight Box, we've chosen fabrics that will elevate a simple jeans pattern to be something that you'll want to wear for years to come. So without further ado, the fabrics:

Ash Jeans Swatches Heavyweight Box Needle Sharp

  • Coated Antique Rust Indigo Denim - An indigo denim, this fabric has dark yellow weft yarns to give it hints of brown on the face. This makes it look like it has a patina from years of wear.  On top of that, the fabric is coated to add shine so that it almost looks like distressed leather. Needless to say, this denim is unique and beautiful
  • Cone Mills S-Gene Indigo Denim - I feel like I'm saying it over and over again, but this fabric classic dark blue denim. (But hey, classic is classic for a reason) This fabric is soft and stretchy and will give you the traditional jeans look you love
  • Black Stretch Denim - Black jeans exude cool. Or at least that's what movies and rock stars lead me to believe. Slimming, versatile and stylish, this  will be the fabric for your next favorite pair of pants. And honestly, it's always a good idea to have pair of black jeans in your wardrobe.

In this box, we're giving you an anvil. Yes, a real anvil. I mean, it's mini, about the size of a coffee mug, but this being the luxury box, we'd thought we'd give you a tool that will make your rivet setting and button installation so much easier.

And, like in the curvy box, we're also giving you some fun pocketing because sometimes you want the insides of your jeans to be just as beautiful as the outside. We're giving you the choice between a plain color and a novelty print, both made out of Cotton + Steel lawn.


Okay, that's it for now. Before I go though, we're doing something a little different with our classic box this month. Instead of picking a theme from a few months ago, we're going to keep offering the party dress box. It's a great Christmas and Holiday gift theme, plus, if you thought you missed your chance, you didn't. It's your lucky day!

Fabric swatches will ship out on Monday November 19. Also, stay tuned in the next week for Black Friday announcements and some exciting developments for the holiday season. And if you don't already, subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss out on any news.

Happy sewing,


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  • A real definition of 3×1 twill: the weft thread (typically horizontally as you wear your jeans) goes over three warp threads (typically vertically as you wear your jeans) and under 1 warp thread, then repeats. The next weft thread moves over 1 warp thread, and again goes over 3 warp threads and under 1.

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