October 15, 2023

Seeking Restfulness This December with Cozy Bathrobes

It's become tradition over the years to do sleepwear in December. It's a logical choice since it's a joy to wake up on a cold, holiday morning and hang out in your jammies. But there are only so many times we can do pajamas without you getting bored. So, this year, we're doing cozy bathrobes!

In my head, I've been calling this theme "rustic robes" but it doesn't actually capture the full extent of what these boxes are. They're rustic compared to our last robes box, which featured silky fabrics such as challis and lawn. But they're not scratchy or anything. Rather, they're cushy, snuggly, textured, and oh-so wonderful to wrap around yourself on a cold winter day.

For fabrics, we focused on textured cottons, wonderful linens, and even a luxurious Merchant and Mills cotton jacquard! Plus, our Sew Indulgent Box is unisex, in case you want to make a gift for someone special in your life! Our color theme focuses on the restfulness and calm that wrapping yourself in a robe can bring. That means gorgeous neutrals with just a hint of pink.  

So, without further ado, let's dig in!

Sew Essential Box: Tessuti Robe from Tessuti Fabrics

This robe is so classic, Tessuti Fabrics just named it "The robe". It features voluminous sleeves, a roomy fit (in fact, they lump 3 sizes into each pattern line), a tie waist, and patch pockets. It's probably the robe you think of when you imagine one in your mind, so we think it's about time you put your imagination into the real world.

For fabrics, we decided to go with texture for this robe, to accentuate the simplicity of the design. A textured cotton, a double gauze, and a brushed flannel fit the bill, and we love each one so much that we may have to make three robes! So here they are!

  • Ballerina Pink Textured Cotton - When we touched this fabric, I immediately thought of cozy bathrobes. The texture of the cotton - similar to that of our favorite silky noil - is nubbly yet soft and will only get softer with each washing. The ballerina pink color is muted and calming, perfect for lazy Sundays. We see wrapping yourself in this robe right after a nice bath and luxuriating in its nice weight and coziness. A fabric to make you go, "ahhhh. . . "
  • Smoke Blue Organic Cotton Double Gauze - While you may think of light colors when you think of calming, peaceful fabrics, we also love the darker, natural colors like gray and dark blue. They remind us of morning lakes and cool, slate countertops - minimalist and chic. Pair that mood with a floaty cotton double gauze, and you have magic. Light, cushy, and snuggly, this fabric will feel like a baby swaddle, but look like a sophisticated robe. We love it!
  • Snow Tartan Mammoth Flannel - Winter is made for flannels, so we knew we had a find a good one for these robes. Many of yarn dyed flannels out there are very lumberjack, aka dark plaids and woodsy browns, or printed with novelty patterns, like bunnies and sushi. While both styles have wonderful applications, it wasn't what we wanted for these robes. We were searching for serene and calm, like spa decor, so we were delighted to find this snowy gray, pale blue, and cream option. Plush and warm, it will become a dreamy robe you'll want to wear around the house all winter long!

Sew Select Box: Whitlow Robe from In the Folds

While the Whitlow Robe from In the Folds looks like every other robe, it's actually one of the few we found that had raglan sleeves and several pocket variations, for those of us who love cut-on pockets. In the Folds is known for its detailed, technical patterns, and that precision is on full display in even this simple robe. The raglan sleeves create a softer look, with no bulk at the shoulder when you wear it over your pajamas, and the a-line cut of the body (versus a straight cut on most robes), gives ease through the hips for comfortable sitting. It's so well-designed!

In keeping with the color theme, we have grays, creams, and pinks, in luscious cottons that will keep you warm and cozy. So let's take a look!

  • Lena Check Indian Cotton - This gorgeous cotton is shirt weight with a soft hand and lovely, loose drape. The cotton itself is handwoven, resulting in unique imperfections in the cloth that add character and charm. A yarn dye check, roughly a 1" repeat, is timeless and understated, plus the geometric check will create a fun bias line at the raglan sleeve. Perfect for throwing on after work on a chilly night, this robe will get you throw the winter and beyond!
  • Ivory Organic Cotton Double Gauze - A double gauze is a no brainer for a cozy bathrobe, and this ivory cotton feels straight out of a fancy spa. The dreamy texture of the fabric - spongy and airy -  is reflected in the calming off white color and incredibly light weight of the fabric. We can imagine wrapping ourselves in this robe right out of the shower, the soft cotton absorbing water like a towel, and treating ourselves to a nice face mask or moisturizing lotion. Everything about this fabric screams self-care, and we love it!
  • Rose Yarn-Dye Stripe Double Gauze - This fabric takes all the qualities of a double gauze (as seen above) and adds a gorgeous yarn-dyed banded stripe. The pale, slightly peachy pink, is warm yet neutral, and the white stripes add a beachy feel, like riviera stripes on the Mediterranean. Light, airy, and oh so cushy, this fabric will transform into a sumptuous robe for lounging around on long winter nights. Simply wonderful!

Sew Indulgent Box: Lahja Dressing Gown from Named Clothing

When doing a bathrobe theme, using the Lahja Dressing Gown is almost required. It's about as iconic as you can get for a bathrobe. Plus it's unisex! Similar to the Tessuti Robe, it's a straight cut with patch pockets, and a long neckband. However, the sleeves are slimmer and the general fit is straighter and less draped. It's minimalist and modern, just like all of Named Clothing's pattern, and we are drawn to it just for that reason. 

The simple cut makes the pattern ideal for slightly thicker fabrics, the kind we feel the Scandinavian pattern makers would want on frigid winter nights. A fantastic waffle cotton, a minimalist linen, and luxury pale pink cotton jacquard are all amazing choices. Which one will you choose?!

  • Ivory Royal Waffle Cotton - You may associate waffle with thermal knits, but it also is a wonderful woven. The small waffle weave (about 1/4" square) creates small pockets of air in the fabric which keep you warm, and the texture feels amazing against your skin. In a neutral ivory color, it will be a spa-quality bathrobe for lazy sundays and late night snuggling. Or if you're feeling ambitious, you can dye it whatever color you like. The 100% cotton will take color beautifully!
  • Peony Pink Stitch Jacquard Cotton (+ $10) - This is a first for us with fabric selections. We knew we absolutely wanted to use the luxurious Merchant and Mills jacquard fabric. It's so snuggly and perfect for a sumptuous robe. However, this one box will cost $10 more due to the price of the fabric. What you will get in return, though, is a gorgeous pale pink cotton with a hand-stitched texture and quilted feel. It's breathable, warm, and maybe the most cozy fabric you've seen. And it will be an amazing robe that you'll want to wear every single day! 
  • Silt Grey Medium Weight Linen - If you've never had a linen robe, you're missing out. What's so wonderful about the long fiber nature of linen is that it gets softer and softer the more you wear it and wash it. So as you love the heck out of your handmade robe, it will get better with each wearing. In a dark gray color, it's minimalist and chic. And perfect if you want to give the robe away as a present or make one for your partner. 

In case you're still looking to make pajamas, we're reviving our Pajama Sets from last year in our Tried and True Boxes. And, who are we kidding, they will pair wonderfully with our Robe Boxes if you're feeling ambitious this December. Whichever box you choose, you'll be sure to be oh so cozy for the upcoming season!

Until next time. . .

Happy sewing!



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