June 15, 2019

Sew Up Fancy Blouses Made For Going Out This August

Needle Sharp August 2019 Fancy Blouses

Fancy blouses, going out tops, whatever you want to call them, they are a necessary piece of any wardrobe. You know what I'm talking about, the top that you put on when you want just a little extra for your outfit. Whether it's a lush fabric, amazing color, or a little extra detail, these tops are made for being seen!

I think a lot of times when we make our own clothes, we make simple, classic patterns that we can wear in our day to day lives. And don't get me wrong, I love those pieces. Those pieces are mainly what I make too. And I wear the heck out of them.

But it's also fun to step back and make something with a little extra oomph. Last Fall, there even was an instagram hashtag (#sewfrosting) to celebrate this idea. So this month, we've chosen some top pattern with that little bit of extra. Some cool details, some luxe fabrics, and you have your next bit of sewing "frosting".

But before we take a look at the boxes, let me take a moment to announce a big change to our store. We've renamed everything! It came to our attention that our names were a little confusing, so we've gone back to the drawing board, and come up with something we think evokes what we are going for with each box. We hope you like it!

And now, to the boxes themselves!

Sew Fearless Box:

Datura Blouse from Deer and Doe Patterns

(Formerly the Lightweight Box)

If you've been paying attention, you'd notice that we've used the Datura Blouse before. It was in our Shorts Box from last summer, but as a second pattern in our Heavyweight Box. But we figured it was so good, that we want it to stand on its own in all its glory. 

There are so many things to love about this pattern. From the curved hem, the flattering yoke and the peekaboo button back, it has some pretty awesome details. And that's not even mentioning the neckline. With options for a sweet Peter Pan collar, a triangular cut-out option or a simple jewel neckline, you can customize this top to your heart's content. And that's why we've included it as the fancy blouse of choice in our Sew Fearless Box. 

Sew Fearless Swatches August 2019


  • Sevenberry Pale Stars Cotton - There's nothing quite as appealing as a clean white shirt. But sometimes, you want a little bit more to the white. Enter this heathered white fabric with tiny printed stars. Simple, yet celestial, the pattern will be just enough to elevate your outfit without being in your face. We especially like this choice if you're planning to make the cutouts variation as the pointed cutouts will mirror the sharp edges of the stars. And how cool is that?
  • Sevenberry Pink Floral Color-block Lawn- With the yoke and collar, this blouse is just asking to be color-blocked. And we fell in love with this color combination: a simple blush pink and English Rose floral that's sweet without being saccharine. We're leaving it up to you how you want to block the pattern, but no matter what you do, this will be a perfect summer top everyone wishes they could buy!
  • Navy Viscose Satin - With the interesting style lines of the pattern, you can't go wrong with a solid color fabric. This navy blue viscose is just stunning, with a noticeable sheen from the satin weave and beautiful drape that will just fall from the bust darts. Wear this top under a blazer for work or dress it up with some jewelry for a night on the town. An essential addition to your wardrobe!

Sew Confident Box:

Clover Top & Dress from Papercut Patterns

(Formerly the Medium Weight Box)

I must admit that I've been lurking the Clover Dress pattern ever since I learned to sew. However, as I was growing as a sewist, I never quite got around to it. And now that I work mainly from home, it's a bit dressy for day to day wear. But that's what this box is for, right? To get outside the day to day to make something that is perfect for that day you DO have to dress up and want to wear something me-made.
With a swingy skirt, raglan flutter sleeves, and a sweetheart bust panel, the pattern incorporates some great details without becoming twee. Whether you make it up as a casual or glamorous dress is completely up to you and how you choose to style it. For each dress, we're including a piece of black lace for the bust panel, but you could also choose to use the main fabric and just embrace the style lines. We're also including some optional contrast piping if you really want to show off the panel.
Sew Confident Swatches August 2019
  • Yellow Wildflower Crepe - This fabric feels like summer. Bright, sunny and full of flowers, it will cheer you up just to sew it. A smooth crepe that's light yet opaque, this fabric is perfect for a summer outfit that will pop. We swear, wearing this dress or top will be a surefire way to make you happy. 
  • Teal Viscose/Cupro Twill - We are big fans of this viscose/cupro blend, and you may have noticed that we've used other colors in other boxes. The fabric is just a dream: buttery, deeply saturated and silky, it has all the characteristics of a silk without the upkeep. And this teal color is just gorgeous. With contrast piping, you'll have a dress or top for every occasion.
  • Purple Bloom Rayon Challis - It doesn't quite come across in the thumbnail just how beautiful the full repeat of this pattern is. Multicolored leaves float across a creamy background: it's floral and botanical and oh-so-beautiful. The large scale pattern will really shine on the swing skirt and the lace panel will add nice contrast. An amazing choice!

Sew Curvy Box:

Adèle Flutter Top and Tunic from Jalie Patterns

(Formerly the Curvy Box)

We haven't used Jalie Patterns much in our boxes yet, but it's not for lack of inspiration. Jalie has an ardent following and it's hard not to see why. The patterns are beautifully drafted; they are easy to style; and even when they are dressier, they look eminently comfortable.

What drew me to this top were the sleeves. I can't say that I'm a big ruffle person, but these ruffles are amazing. Not too big, not too frilly, they are just enough to make this top a cut above. Plus, the belt is a great touch and the option to turn it into a tunic is great for people who want more length to their tops. And we've chosen to go luxe with our fabric options, so whichever you chose will be your new favorite dressy top.

Sew Curvy Swatches August 2019

  • Blue Check Umbria Linen - This linen is heavenly, simply put. Incredibly soft and lightweight, with good drape, it's perfect for this top. Plus, the check, almost a small houndstooth, adds a ton of textural and visual interest. I've already made one top out of this fabric, and it's the perfect weight for the summer heat.
  • Chartreuse Yellow Sueded Silk - At a recent sewing retreat, I saw a woman wearing a dress in this color and I was floored. I knew I had to use it somehow in our boxes. And the Adèle Top seemed perfect for it. A sueded charmeuse, meaning it's even softer than a regular charmeuse, this silk is what dreams are made of of. And the color is vibrant and unique. The top you make will be unlike anything you can find in stores.
  • Purple Paisley Silk Charmeuse - Another lovely silk, this time a regular charmeuse that has an enviable drape and soft hand. The pattern is incredibly lush, a deep purple with a lighter purple paisley pattern on top, and it will look incredible on the simple front panel of this top. No need to embellish this top with jewelry or a sweater. This top can stand on its own two flutter sleeves!

Sew Indulgent Box:

Anouk Blouse & Dress from Victory Patterns

(Formerly the Heavyweight Box)

Part of what I love about sewing is that you can take something that looks complicated, break it down into parts and find out that it really isn't all that complex. The Anouk Top takes that idea to the nth degree.

The first time I saw this top, I thought, well, I could never make that. Between the yoke, the stripes, the pleats, I was terrified to even think about starting it. But the more you look at it, the simpler it becomes. The front is actually just a panel of bias cut stripes. And those pleats, not that hard at all. So, all that is to say, this top is the perfect pattern if you want to fool everyone into thinking you're a master sewist, without the headaches. And what could be better than that?? 

Sew Indulgent Swatches August 2019

  • Sky Blue Linen/Red, Blue, and Beige Striped Linen - Nothing beats a linen dress in the summer heat. Except maybe a linen dress with a cool linen chevron stripe. For this box, we've chosen a soft, lightweight blue linen for main fabric, a crisp cotton shirting for the yoke, and a lovely striped linen, with lines of beige, red and blue for the front panel. All in all, the combination can be dressed up or down, and will feel comfortable through it all!
  • Turquoise Geometric Silk Charmeuse/White Cotton Dobby Stripe - This silk is so vibrant, we can't believe it. For this option, we really wanted to let the pattern of the main fabric shine, with its Mediterranean feel and coloring. That's why we chose a simple white cotton for the yoke and front panel, with a subtle dobby stripe to show off the chevrons. An elegant and stylish choice.
  • Black Sheer Chiffon/Floral Striped Sateen - The top version of this pattern is so floaty that it just calls for a light chiffon. The sheer black will layer beautifully over a camisole and dress up any outfit. And the best part? The striped fabric we've chosen is a sateen with a black floral stripe intercut with a bright white. It's unlike anything we've seen and in the chevron, it will be an absolute stunner. A simple white cotton yoke completes the look. And we swear, this top will be better than anything you could get in stores!


That's it for this month. The classic boxes will feature our Button Down Boxes from last fall, in case you want a more casual top than the ones here. So, until next time . . . 

Happy sewing,




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