May 15, 2023

Skating in Summer with Fabulous Knit Dresses

In the summer, I live in knit dresses. Long dresses, short dresses, and everything in between. There's nothing more simple than throwing on a light dress and slipping into some sandals. Voilà, you're ready for the day. You can dress up the outfit with a nice cardigan and some jewelry or you can keep it simple and wear it as is. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

That's why I've chosen skater dresses for July. What is a skater dress? They're basically a knit fit and flare dress, named as such, I just learned, for their resemblance to figure skating outfits (and not skateboarding ladies, which was sort of what I was hoping for). They're fun, eminently wearable, and a must-have for any wardrobe. Plus, knits are a joy to wear. While we don't normally do two knit projects back to back, something about easy wearing in the summer times has me in the mood for comfy, stretchy outfits. Plus they are a quick sew, which means you can have more time to enjoy the weather!

Because it is summer (or will be by the time these ship), our color mood this month is BRIGHT! Continuing our barbie-core theme from May, these boxes are full of color and pop, perfect for sunshine and warmth. Bright greens, punchy pinks and sunny yellows are the name of the game, and we guarantee, they will make you smile.

So, without further ado, let's dig in!

Sew Essential Box:

And oldie but a goodie, the Aldaia Dress from Pauline Alice has been around a while, but it's never really become a hit the way some other patterns do. I'm hoping to do may part to change that as I think it's a stunner of a dress. And actually, it's 27 different dresses in one pattern when you come down to all the variations possible. How cool is that?

With options for a full or straight skirt, princess or faux-wrap bodice, and three different sleeve lengths, this dress can become pretty much any knit dress you can dream of. Each one is as lovely as the next! We're particularly enamored with the no sleeve, full skirt version, but what you make is entirely up to your style. And no matter which you choose, you'll have an amazing dress for work, picnics, garden parties, brunch, errands, and whatever else you can throw at it this summer.

For fabric, our color theme is strong this month and that means yellow, rose, and green. Each are a cotton jersey perfect for the summer heat and ready to be made into a stunning knit dress. Which will you choose??

  • Sunflower Triangles Organic Cotton Jersey - Are they triangles? Confetti? Tortilla chips? Whatever you see when you look at this pattern, we bet you're also smiling. This sunny and fun fabric is pure dopamine sewing, and a bright yellow dress will absolutely make your day. Plus, the organic cotton jersey is soft and cozy, just what you want in a skater dress. The perfect dress to lift your mood and keep you comfy all day long!
  • Begonia Cotton Spandex Jersey - This t-shirt weight knit is everything you'd want in a jersey. Supple, soft, and silky, it has great stretch and recovery as well as that lovely "look and feel of cotton." Plus the color is stunning. A vivid pink, it's a slightly darker mimic of the sample dress, and you know what, we're okay with that!
  • Swirling Flora Teal Printed Cotton Jersey - You may recognize the pattern of this fabric; we used a rayon version of it back in April for our cottage core theme. And we love it so much, we're using it again, this time in knit form. The bright jade background is lush and fresh, while the swirling floral roses are painterly and soft. The contrast is stunning, and we love it paired with the sweeping circle skirt of this skater dress. A perfect summer party dress!

Sew Select Box:

Sew Liberated describes the Stasia Dress as an "elevated knit dress" and we couldn't agree more. There's something a little extra, some elegance, some ethereal quality that makes the dress more than the sum of its parts. But it does have some really good parts when it comes right down to it.

For one, it's got three length options, four sleeve options, and a size range that goes up to 34. Add a flowing, A-line skirt (for great twirling), and a subtle princess shape to the waist, and you have all the fixings for a perfect skater dress for the summer. Simple, chic, and oh so comfy: this is the dress you'll want to live in!

Fabric-wise, we wanted to show off the shape and twirl of this dress, so we have a gorgeous solid, a fun floral, and a delightful knit stripe. Any one you choose will be perfect for the season. So let's dig in!

  • Kelly Green Cotton Spandex Jersey - We've become a little obsessed with the Kelly green J. Crew has in their collection, so when we found this almost perfect duplicate, we had to snap it up. Plus, it's hard to overstate the versatility of this cotton jersey. With a smooth hand, matte surface, and soft drape, this lightweight jersey meets all your knit fabric needs and will become an amazing, green dress! Dress it up with a cute cardigan and some sandals and you're ready for whatever summer can throw at you!
  • Painted Summer Flowers Cotton Jersey - If you're looking to make a true summer sundress, this is the knit for it. With a woven style print, this floral fabric is soft and stretchy, combining two of our favorite things about summer. Perfect for picnics and outdoor parties, this knit dress will give you a hit of dopamine every time you wear it. And that's the dream, right?
  • Sunshine Stripe Cotton Spandex Jersey - You can't do a knit theme without a good stripe. (I mean you could, but why would you?) The two go together like PB & J, so we couldn't wait to show off this golden stripe for this dress. The bright yellow is sunshine itself, cut with smaller white lines, and we love how the stripe will play with this dress pattern, especially on the 4-gore skirt. It will accentuate the swing and sweep of the skirt in the best way possible. We love it!

Sew Indulgent Box:

When it comes to skater dresses, you can go basic or you can go Sisko Dress. This dress is beyond in all the best ways possible. It's elegant, surprising, and fresh: basically everything you want in a summer dress.

What's amazing about this dress is that it looks wonderfully complicated while still being wearable and casual. The unique cross-front creates an alluring keyhole and the illusion of a wrap front while the elastic waist is comfortable and versatile. The perfect day to night look for the summer months ahead. And yes, it is totally secret pajamas!

In keeping with our color theme, we chose sunny and bright fabrics, this time in modal, bamboo, and ecovero. These fabrics are breezy and cool to contrast the summer heat. Plus the colors will make you smile. So here they are! 

  • Rose Cotton Modal Jersey - This cotton modal jersey has become our absolute favorite knit to work with and it's hard not to see why. The fabric takes dye really well and has a softness and strength we adore. When this new color was released, a deep rose hue, we knew we had to use it. In keeping with the barbie-core theme we seem to have this year, this fabric will transform into a stunning pink dress that will transcend the trend. This will be your go-to cheery dress for years!
  • Golden Bamboo Cotton Jersey - If you've made anything with the bamboo cotton french terry we've used over the years, meet its jersey cousin. Silky soft, with a cool hand and soft drape, this jersey will be a dream to wear. And the sunshiney yellow is pure joy. Warm and glowing, this golden dress be a bright spot in your wardrobe. And, hey, who doesn't need that sometimes?
  • Emerald Jacobean Floral Ecovero Jersey - We must admit, we fell head over heels for this patterned knit! The greens, pinks, and deep blues are simply divine. And honestly, how can you not love the floral feel of this jersey? The pink flowers, blue swirls, and deep emerald background are inspired, and we're swooning. Oh, and the fabric feels amazing too. Soft and silky, with a semi fluid drape and slight rib texture, this dress will be a statement piece in your wardrobe. And super cozy to boot!

Are you as excited for summer sewing as I am? If the patterns don't get you ready, I hope the fabrics do with their joyful colors. If knits aren't your thing, we have an alternative summer project for you in our Tried and True Boxes. This month, we're reviving our elastic waist shorts boxes, and they are a wardrobe must for the summer heat. And we're ready for it!

Until next time. . .

Happy sewing!



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