January 15, 2024

Skirts are Having a Moment and We are Here For It This March

Full disclosure for this month: I had a completely different theme planned and changed my mind on a dime because skirts are just having such a moment. I wanted to strike while the iron (and fashion) was hot! 

Have you noticed this as well? The Fold Line declared it the season of the skirt, and there have been some really great patterns released in the past year. All the patterns embrace a late nineties feel, but for those of you, like me, who bristle at the idea of fads, I've picked fashions that will last much longer than the trend.

Each skirt we picked is casual yet elegant, playful yet tailored. They evoke the 90s (and the 70s as well) but feel ultimately timeless. You can add them to your handmade wardrobe and bring them out year after year. They are also perfect transition pieces for the cold weather of early March to the spring-like temps of late April.

For fabrics, I had such a fun time picking classic colors and playing with texture. You'll also notice corduroys, wools, and velvets in deep reds, blues, and grays. Is it bad that I want to make them all?? 

So, without further ado, let's dig in!

Sew Essential Box: Blair Skirt from True Bias

True Bias came out with the Blair Skirt this past October, and we immediately had fashion flashbacks. If you loved the Gap in 1999, you know what I mean. This skirt is straight out of the late 90s, and I mean that in the best way. (Hey, each decade had fashions that are worth revisiting!).

The utilitarian style evokes military uniforms and cargo pants, while the straight skirt and belted waist give a tailored feel. It's a skirt that can be worn with boots and stockings in cold months or sandals and a tank top in the heat. The perfect option for when you just don't want to wear pants.

Fabric-wise, we kept the utilitarian theme going with sturdy yet supple options. Flannel, denim, and corduroy fit the bill, and each skirt has mood of its own. So here they are!

  • Gray Tartan Plaid Flannel - Starting off our plaid trend for this month, the tartan is dark and moody, just like March. Charcoal grays and blacks give the look of a wool coating, even when the fabric itself is medium weight and soft, like your favorite cotton. An amazing transitional piece, this skirt will have you going into spring in style!
  • Cotton Tencel Ringspun Lightweight Denim - This Tencel has the look of a dark wash denim, but a nice, medium weight and soft drape, like if you took your favorite denim and washed it a thousand times until it felt like your favorite bed sheets. And who wouldn't want that in a fabric? This fabric will sew up into a skirt that will feel like an instant classic in your wardrobe. Simply gorgeous!
  • Burgundy 21 W Corduroy - The wale of this corduroy is so fine, it looks and feels almost like a velvet. It's plush and soft, and that means your skirt will feel as amazing as it looks. But, who are we kidding, this fabric is all about the color! The deep wine hue captures enough of the Y2K trend of late to feel hip, but is timeless enough to last beyond the fad. Lightweight, with a soft hand and drape, this fabric will be comfortable to wear and easy to sew.

Sew Select Box: Bernadette Skirt from Friday Pattern Company

The Bernadette Skirt just came out in paper format a few days ago, so we were thrilled to be able to use it this month. Really got it in under the wire there! But we were itching to use this modern take on an A-line skirt. 

The skirt itself has a very late 70s feel to it, especially with the knife pleats in the front. It's modernized, though, with a belted bag and invisible zipper that take it beyond your mother's (or youth's) patterns. With an option for either a midi or mini length, you can find the right fit for your wardrobe. Or make both and live it up! We see it working for so many fashion occasions, from running errands to grabbing a coffee on the weekend. No matter where you wear it, you'll look fantastic!

The fabrics we chose are really all about texture. Velvet, wool, and heavyweight linen give you so many possibilities. So let's dig in!  

  • Navy Lush Velveteen - With the crush of velvet and the deep, dreamy blue of this fabric, we're instantly transported to posh cafes in Paris, hazy with cigarette smoke and full of the sound of jazz. Okay, a fabric can't take you to Paris - and cigarette smoke is bad for you - but it certainly doesn't hurt to have a skirt in this velveteen to remind you of it. With a crisp drape, this fabric fits the tailored look of the skirt while the lush pile of the velveteen softens to the look. C'est si bon!
  • Harland Tartan Wool Suiting - We fell hard for this plaid wool suiting. 100% wool, this fabric has red, green, navy and cream tones that combine to create a delicious tartan you'll want to wear all year round. A mix of punk rock and Scottish highlands, the plaid is like nothing we've seen before for skirts. Plus, a suiting weight gives it flex and lightness for three-season wear. A stunning choice!
  • Cast Iron Linen Twill - We can't deny a good gray! The deep, dark hue, a complex gray, shows off the twill weave of this heavyweight linen. Soft and delicately textured, this fabric has a fuller drape that's perfect for the A-line shape of this skirt. And because it's on the heavier side, this linen is a wonderful transitional piece, going from winter to summer in a snap!

Sew Indulgent Box: Madden Skirt from Tessuti Fabrics

We used the Madden Skirt from Tessuti Fabrics a few years ago in our standalone garment kits, but we love it so much, we're bringing it back, this time in a cold weather form. It's the perfect all-weather skirt you can sew up in many different fabrics!

The asymmetry of the skirt is what first drew us to the pattern. The side buttons add a certain "je ne sais quoi" that we just love. The A-line and the midi length give some flow to the skirt, and an airyness that will transition so nicely into spring. Plus, we really get to live it up with the buttons! While we haven't picked them out yet, we plan to give you some that make the skirt sing. Just you wait!

For fabrics, we went luxury with wool, silk, and European linen. But really, this box is all about the colors and patterns. Let's look!

  • Charcoal Wool Blend Micro Dogtooth Suiting - We've used this fabric before for trousers, but we love it so much we think we want a skirt to match! With a cashmere-like hand and brushed face, this wool blend suiting is a delight to touch. With a yarn dyed micro-check pattern, it looks like super 120s suiting, while a hefty percentage of polyester means it is fully machine washable. It will transform into a amazing skirt for work and beyond
  • Navy Silk Noil - If you're going to make a bespoke skirt, why not go silk? 100% silk, this noil has a nubbly texture, from the use of short strands in the weaving, and it has a lush drape perfect for the sweep of this skirt. In a saturated blue, evocative of fine wool and dark denim, it's cool and calming, perfect for all seasons.
  • Painterly Rouge Check Linen - To look at this check linen is to fall in love. Blues, reds, and pinks combine to create a patchwork check that hints at quilted fabric and country gingham. But the linen content elevates the fabric to something divine. A supple, fuller bodied drape is ideal for this skirt, and the color will take you into spring with ease. Just looking at the fabric, we want to twirl. So imagine how you'll feel when you put this skirt on!

If skirts aren't in your sewing plans, our Tried and True Boxes feature our pull-on pants from a few summers ago. It feels like yesterday that I put these boxes together, so that sentence feels a little bizarre to write. This was one of my favorite themes, so if you're feeling like making pants, these are a great place to start. The elastic waist helps a bunch with fitting and also makes for easy wearing as well.

Until next time. . .

Happy sewing!



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