June 11, 2019

Tips and Tips for Our Culottes Boxes

Culottes: Tips, Tricks, and Sewalongs

Happy June, all! This month always feels like a fresh start to me, perhaps because that old school year mentality never really leaves you. June is the end of a season and start of the summer fun. And why not apply that attitude to sewing?

The Culottes boxes for June should be in your hands or getting there very shortly, so we've gathered all our tips and tricks for these amazing patterns. Because we've covered pants fitting before, this post will be relatively brief, but if I miss anything, please don't hesitate to ask in the comments or email me. But now, to the good stuff!

In true Named Clothing fashion, there is no sewalong for the Ninni Culottes pattern, but the other three patterns in our boxes have detailed instructions that will cover a lot of the construction. You can find the sewalong for the Emerson Crop Pants over three different pages: here, here, and here. For the Winslow Culottes, Helen has gathered not just the tutorial, but also a load of hacks and inspiration photos, all of which you can find here. And finally, Megan Nielsen has a ton of helpful tips for the Tania Culottes here, and then a full sewalong on her blog here.

In addition to the sewalongs, I thought I'd pass on two bits that I found really helpful as I was making my own culottes. The first comes from Sewing Like Made, who made a pair of Emerson Crop Pants with an exposed elastic waist. I used this method in my own version because I found it much better for my high hip to waist ratio (I have a 12 inch difference between the two!). I struggled with the cloth-covered elasticized waist because the fabric just didn't stretch as much as I needed. This method solved that completely, and she has a tutorial here.

And lastly, if, like me, you've been struggling with figuring out your crotch curve, this video finally helped me crack it! Thanks so much to 5 out of 4 Patterns for the video!

That's it for this month. Stay tuned at the end of the week when we announce next month's boxes. Til then...

Happy sewing!



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