September 15, 2018

We ❤️ Layers: Three-Season Sewing with Lovely Blazers

Blazer Box November Needle Sharp

I don't know about you, but the weather around me has taken a turn towards the cooler side of things. To some of you, that may be sad news, but I truly enjoy the fall weather: leaves changing, cooler but not cold days, warm apple cider... Okay, that last one isn't weather related, but still worth mentioning.

The problem with autumn days is that it can be quite cool in the morning then, when the sun comes out, almost summer like by mid-afternooon. I've been caught quite a few times wearing a nice, cozy sweater to work only to be sweating through it by lunch. So what to do? Dress in layers!!

That's why this month we've chosen blazers and jackets as our project theme. They double as outerwear; they are easy to throw over a bag or the back of a chair when it gets warmer; and they're super stylish. Pair of a blazer with a cute top, jeans or black pants and a pair of boots, and immediately I feel more like Victoria Beckham. I may not look like her, but gosh if I can dream.

So, now, let's take a look at the boxes.

Lightweight Box: Morris Blazer from Grainline Studio

Morris Blazer Grainline Studio

If you're a bit afraid of tackling a blazer because you think it'll be too difficult, this is the project for you. A shawl collar means no fiddling with notches or points. Plus, this jacket is unlined and thus quick to sew. 

This is a pattern that sews well with both wovens and stable knits so we've chosen a combination of the two for the fabrics. But no matter which you choose, there is plenty of stretch in the selections to make fitting a bit easier and wearing that much more comfortable. 

So, without further ado, the fabrics:

Lightweight Box Swatches Morris Blazer Grainline Studio

  • Black Pinstripe Ponte Knit - I saw this fabric and knew immediately that I wanted to use it for the Morris Blazer. Medium weight, with just the right amount of stretch, this ponte just screamed relaxed blazer to me. Plus, the stripes!! Three eighths of an inch apart, they are just the right amount of pattern for this look. Choosing this option means you have a blazer that will go with practically anything!
  • Cream Floral Stretch Bengaline - Who says that blazers have to be boring? Not me! This fabric evokes French toile de jouy with its light cream background and black floral design. Create a statement blazer unlike anything you can get in stores. Plus, with a generous amount of stretch on the cross grain, your blazer will be as wonderfully comfortable as it is stylish.
  • Hot Pink Stretch Sateen - Go bold! I'm not generally a pink fan, but I make an exception for bright hot pink. It looks great on all sorts of skin tones and it adds a brightness that can liven up any outfit. With a slight sheen on its face and just the right amount of stretch, it's destined to be your next sewing project.

Medium Weight Box: Bellatrix Blazer from Papercut Patterns

A bit rocker, a bit preppy, the Bellatrix Blazer is exactly what you're looking for in a blazer. Fully lined and long sleeved, this fitted blazer has shawl collar and single button closure.  Plus it has two variations! The first has a long hemline and would dress up any outfit. The second has a cropped hemline which curves up at the back, perfect for wearing over dresses!

But what really drew me to the Belletrix was the ability to color-block the blazer. That's why two of our fabric choices have contrasting trim to accentuate the collar and welt pockets. Color-blocking is an awesome way to customize your sewing and it makes the finished garment look much more impressive to your friends and family. (And honestly, who doesn't want to show off their sewing a bit. 😉)

And now to the fabrics:

Medium Weight Swatches Bellatrix Blazer Papercut Patterns

  • Black Sateen with White Sateen Trim - This is my dream tuxedo jacket. With a slight sheen, the sateen instantly looks dressed up, and the white trim adds the perfect touch to turn this blazer into your go-to way to dress up any outfit. 
  • Royal Blue Fine Wale Corduroy - The bright color of this blue just makes me happy. Add to that the almost velvet-like texture of the corduroy and I'm near ecstatic. Lightweight, with a soft hand and drape, this fabric will be comfortable to wear and easy to sew. Plus, you can play with the direction of the nap to add contrast to the blazer. But don't worry, we're giving you extra fabric if you want to keep the nap going all in the same direction.  
  • Light Gray Twill with Dark Gray Brocade Trim - The genesis for this choice was really the dark gray brocade. Lightweight, with a finely textured floral pattern in the weave, I just knew that I wanted to use it as the accent on the collar of this blazer. Paired with a lighter gray tweed, this option will sew up into a wonderful garment that looks almost like a smoking jacket. To me, it evokes Marlene Dietrich, and who could ask for better than that?

Heavyweight Box: Cordova Jacket from Sewaholic Patterns

Heavyweight Box Swatches Cordova Jacket Sewaholic Patterns

The Cordova Jacket is a feminine, fitted jacket that instantly creates an hour-glass figure that is ideal for work, the weekend, or that special night out. Though not a true blazer, due to its lack of collar, this jacket is evocative of the classic Chanel jacket and, personally, makes me think of Jackie O and her wonderful style.

For fabrics, we've chosen some truly lush options that will elevate your sewing. Because of the lovely seaming and figure-flattering peplum, we stayed a little more simple with colors and patterns, but that doesn't mean that we've scrimped on style. This is a jacket that you're going to have for years, and we wanted to reflect that. 

Let's see what the fabrics:

Heavyweight Box Fabric Swatches Sewaholic Patterns Cordova Jacket

  • Black Wool Blend Suiting - A black jacket is probably one of the most versatile things you can own. You can throw it over anything to add a layer of warmth, and you can dress it up or down depending on your needs. This black fabric, a wool blend that is soft and not at all scratchy, is a great option. Thin, tightly-woven, and with a supple drape, this fabric will be sew up into a lightly tailored, yet wonderfully soft jacket. A great choice if you want a neutral.
  • Cabernet Velvet - With the crush of velvet and the rich cabernet color of this fabric, I'm instantly transported of posh cafes in Paris, hazy with cigarette smoke and full of the sound of jazz. Okay, a jacket can't take you to Paris - and cigarette smoke is bad for you - but it certainly doesn't hurt to have your jacket remind you of it. With a crisp drape, this fabric will create a very tailored look. This is the option to choose if you want your go-to special night jacket to wear over your favorite little black dress.
  • Glen Plaid Wool Suiting - I couldn't go a whole month without a plaid, and this one is a doozy. With a black and white houndstooth creating a beautiful pattern, the kicker to this fabric is the subtle cornflower blue stripe that runs throughout. A perfect hint of color to contrast to the black and white design. A jacket made with this fabric will be stunning indeed, and if you're daring, you could even play with using the bias of the plaid on the peplums. Oh the possibilities...

That's it for this month, folks. I hope you are loving the options! And don't forget, if you are a subscriber, you can sign up for swatches of the fabrics by clicking here. If you've already signed up, your swatches will ship on September 19th.

Until next time, happy sewing!




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