Heavyweight Box - February

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*** Available to order from December 15 to January 15. Ships on February 1 ***

One month down, many more to go (we hope!). January exceeded our expectations so now we are trying to return the favor in February. 

February is a short month, so we thought we'd go with an easier project for you all. But easier doesn't mean boring! Enter the classic pencil skirt. 

The pattern this month is the Arielle Skirt from Tilly and the Buttons. I'm going to confess upfront that I already have two Arielle skirts, one in a red tartan wool another in a green twill. And I freaking love them. So when I thought pencil skirts, choosing this pattern was a complete no brainer. Smart lines, easy instructions and fun button detail? Sign me up!

Skill Level: Advanced Beginner

What you should know (or desire to learn): Sewing buttons and button holes, inserting a lining, sewing a curved hem, under-stitching, sewing darts, hemming.

Fabric Options: Because this is the heavyweight box, we've gone luxe in our fabric choices. Wool, wool and more wool. This is February, right? You make this box and you have a warm, stylish skirt that will last you for years and years.

  • Chocolate Chip Wool Suiting - Chocolate chip is the color of brown, but there is also a marled quality to the color, so there are little flecks of darker brown, just like a chocolate chip. Whoa! Two levels! But all jokes aside, this fabric is tops. Medium weight, tightly woven and brushed for softness, if you make this option, you have your go-to skirt for any occasion. 
  • Sunflower Boiled Wool - I am not typically a yellow person, but this fabric just makes me happy. (And I really do love the yellow sample version on the pattern jacket). Some may balk at boiled wool; it's not usually super soft and it can be quite heavy. But not this one! This has a fair amount of viscose in the mix, making it much more wearable and much lighter. Plus, the color is so vibrant and so saturated, that is just screams out to be made into something wonderful. Brighten up your winter by turning this sunny fabric into your next favorite skirt.
  • Black and White Slubbed Graph Check Twill - I have never seen a fabric like this one, and I'm so happy that I got to snap it up. With a very subtle black on black check in the twill that acts as a background for graphic white lines, this fabric is lighter weight for a wool and has a soft, flexible drape. Your skirt will be as unique as you are when you choose this fabric, and it will have everyone asking where you got it. And who doesn't love answering, "Oh, thanks, I actually made it."?

Button Options: The button detail on this skirt can completely change the look. Some people go simple and matching, others go bold and contrasting. Who am I to make that choice for you? So, we've suggested two sets of buttons for each fabric. We have two metal options for the chocolate chip wool, one shiny, one brushed; then a wooden button and a plastic filagree button for the boiled wool; and finally a black plastic button and a white pearl button with black detail for the slubbed wool check. However, that doesn't mean that you can't ignore our suggestions and use the one you like. All six will be available to you to choose from.

Lining Options: I love a contrasting lining, but I've been told that not everyone does. Therefore, I don't want to be presumptuous and pick your lining color for you. I'm giving you three color options and you can pick your favorite.

Also in this box: matching thread, a sewing machine needle and interfacing to stabilize the facings. All you have to provide is the sewing machine.