Sew Ready Box

Cutting Hand

Want to start sewing but don't know where to begin? Don't know what to buy? We've made it easy for you by gathering all the things you need to start sewing your own clothes right away.

Included in the box:

Fabric Shears - The most important part! Good shears make cutting your fabric a breeze. We offer both left-handed and right-handed scissors, because, hey, lefties like sewing too.
Thread Snips - So many threads, so little time! Snips are a time-saving way to clip every loose end.
100 Straight Pins - Long and fine, straight pins help you hold your fabric in place. It's like having a hundred extra hands.
Tape Measure - Know your measurements and love your measurements! The first step to getting a good fit.
Tailor’s Chalk - Take away any guesswork with darts and pleats. Mark your sewing lines with chalk that disappears in the wash.
Seam Gauge - The key to accurate sewing is accurate seam allowances. Light and adjustable, a seam gauge will make this simple.
Universal Sewing Machine Needles - Different sizes for different fabrics, a good, sharp needle makes your work look more professional.
Seam Ripper - The best sewer knows that a seam ripper is their best friend. Nobody's perfect, but this little tool helps us pretend we are.
Thread - One spool of black, one of white, this high-quality, sew-all thread will start your off on the right track