April 15, 2018

Pajama Party with Needle Sharp

Ok, by now, we've made three outfits together: a dress, a skirt and blouse combo, and a trouser blouse combo. So we're taking a step back from ready to wear and giving you the clothes you really want to wear all the time. PAJAMAS!! (If you hadn't already realized that from the blog title)

I have noticed that, in life, there are two types of people. Those who will wear anything to bed, usually old t-shirts, sweatpants, even a "birthday suit." And then there are the pajama people, the ones who have matching sets of pajamas, days of the week that they wear them on, pajama pants with teacups and unicorns and plaids, oh my.

These are my people.

There's nothing better than a good set of comfy pjs. In fact, that's one of my Christmas presents every single year from my parents. Heck, pajamas are a staple in my life. 

So what better to sew this month than an adorable set of pjs? As usual, we've chosen three distinct patterns and three lovely fabrics to go with them. Let me tell you about them.

Lightweight Box: Fifi Pajamas from Tilly and the Buttons

When this pattern came out a few years ago, it was a stunner. An easy to sew pair of shorts, an adorable, figure-flattering top, plus Tilly's easy to follow instructions? What could be better? 

As Tilly puts it: "The camisole is cut on the bias to create a flowing shape, with soft pleated cups, gently shaped princess seam back and bias binding straps. The shorts have a narrow stitched-in elastic waistband and cheeky curved hems. Oh là là!"

Couldn't say it better myself. So, now, let's talk fabrics:

Petite Dot Navy Cotton Lawn: The best part about lawns are the soft, almost satiny hand that feels amazing against the skin, a must when it comes to pajamas. Add to that the soft drape, and this fabric is dying to be made into pjs. The surface of the fabric is not quite polka dots, but rather small dots of differing sizes speckled across the surface, almost like paint splatter. Embrace your Jackson Pollack when you make this pair of Fifi pajamas. Note: we will include 3/4 yard of red bias tape for the straps. 

Watercolor Cotton Voile:  There's something calming about this fabric that I can't quite put my finger on. Perhaps the cool colors soothe my soul, perhaps the watercolor effect of the pattern makes me think of Japanese art and koi ponds, perhaps pajamas just make me sleepy. Whatever it is, when I saw this fabric, I thought of the Fifi pattern. Thin, lightweight, and oh so breathable, this cotton will become your go-to summer pair of pajamas when it's sweltering out. I can't wait to make a pair myself. Note: included for this fabric will be 3/4 yard indigo bias tape for the straps

Yellow Primrose Satin Cotton Batiste: Anybody remember Laura Ashley from the 90s? I'm pretty sure this delicate and sweet floral would fit right in to their repertoire. And for someone who loved their Laura Ashley bedspread, I'm more than happy to turn my pajamas into an homage. The best part of this fabric, though, is not the pattern; it's the satin finish that makes a regular cotton feel like silk against your skin. The hardest part when you make a pair of pajamas out of this fabric will be having to get dressed in the morning. Note: this box comes with 3/4 yard of green bias tape for the straps.

Medium Weight Box: Lakeside Pajamas from Grainline Studio

We have yet to feature any patterns from Grainline Studio, but that doesn't mean that we don't love them. One of the mainstays of the indie pattern world, Grainline offers unique patterns with simple, architectural lines and incredibly well-drafted patterns and instructions. Seriously, everything I've made from them has been a dream to put together.

The Lakeside Pajamas pattern is right in Grainline's wheelhouse. Simple lines, yet beautifully subtle details that lift the pattern out of the ordinary. Take the split back on the tank and the curved hem on the shorts and you have one great pair of PJs.  

As for fabric options, we wanted fabric that would show off the pattern but would also feel greet against your skin. So here are your options:

Verona Teal, Violet, and Peach Floral Cotton Lawn: With so many florals out there to choose from, we gravitated towards the darker ones, less feminine, more modern. It's not often you see a combination of blacks, teals, violets and peaches. It reminds us of Ferngully or Avatar. In addition to the great floral, which will compliment any skin tone, the breathable cotton has a smooth hand and a soft drape, a perfect combo for a pajama set. As for the contrast bias tape, we are providing a teal color that matches the leaf color of the fabric.

Primary Blue Cotton Voile: It's a proven fact that the color blue evokes calmness and serenity. So, of course, we would choose the color blue for a pair of pajamas. This richly saturated fabric is a wonderful shade of royal blue and will look amazing with the pattern. Like the other choices, it is a breathable cotton that is lightweight and soft for comfort while sleeping. Plus, we are jazzing things up with the contrast binding. Because orange is a complimentary color to blue, we're sending you a soft, peachy cantaloupe bias tape that will highlight the well-designed style lines of this pattern.

Optical Print Gray Cotton Twill: Last but certainly not least, we have a silky soft cotton twill. Now, when you think of twill, you probably think of the diagonal lines on your favorite pair of jeans. But this fabric plays with that effect, using the diagonal weave of the twill to create an optical illusion of alternating diagonals that form 3/8" squares. This fabric is really something that defines the phrase "simple yet complex." And it will turn into a great pair of Lakeside Pajamas that are unlike anything you've seen before. As for bias tape, we're sending you a soft white tape that matches the white of the fabric.  

Heavyweight Box: Carolyn Pajamas from Closet Case Patterns

If you're like me, you always sleep in long pants, even when it's 90° out. No, just me? Okay...

All joking aside, the Carolyn Pajamas from Closet Case Patterns are your classic pajamas set. Cuffs, piping, a classic notched collar. This pattern has it all. The beauty of the pattern, though, is that you have the option to make either the long sleeve/long pant version or the short sleeve/shorts version, or some combination of the two. The decision is yours. Especially since we are providing you with enough fabric to make the choice on the fly. 

So let's dive into those fabrics:

Buffalo Check Blue/Black Cotton Flannel: Okay, May might not make you think of flannel pajamas. But this is top weight flannel, a thin, lightweight brushed shirting that will not be sweltering in the summer months. Call it three-season flannel, if you will. You may have noticed by now that we have a penchant for plaid over here at Needle Sharp, and this Buffalo check is right up our alley. The check is on the smaller side, with 5/8" repeat. Add to that the vibrant blue (see above) and we're in love. Honestly, when I think of pajamas (or lumberjacks), this is the fabric that comes to mind. 

Indigo Chambray Double Gauze/Indigo Chambray Dobby Double Gauze: This fabric option is a two-fer. First, you get the main fabric, a dreamily soft and airy double gauze is a faded, denim-like blue. Then, as accent for the collar (and cuffs if you so desire), a matching double gauze with square dots. What's not to love? Seriously, though, double gauze is the fabric that is used to swaddle babies, so you better believe that this fabric is soft and sumptuous. You'll feel like you're wearing a dream when you make these PJs.

Persimmon Rayon Lawn: For those of you not familiar with rayon's wonderful qualities, the best one is its cool touch. This makes it an obvious choice for pajamas because, like pima cotton, it will actually keep you cool as you sleep. We've also chosen this fabric because of its fabulous pattern, a mix between a floral and a line drawing. Sew up a lovely pair of pajamas with this fabric that will feel wonderful against your skin and look beautiful when you look in the mirror. And honestly, who could ask for more than that?

One last note about the Heavyweight Box. The pattern calls for piping as an optional detail. We will provide you with white piping, which will match all the fabrics. You then have the option to cover it with a fabric of your choice. Or, send us an email, and we can provide another color of your choice.

Well, that's it, folks. The May Boxes which will ship on May 1st. I'm already getting sleepy thinking about all the great pairs of PJs that will be made from these. Or maybe that's the Daylight Savings Time. ; )

Until next time!

Happy sewing,


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